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Analysis on the problems existing in the linkage between Sunpower solar thermal energy and other energy sources

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I. Current status of solar thermal assisted energy applications

Sunpower solar thermal applications are currently concentrated in hot water projects, and heating is relatively low. For household solar water heaters, most enterprises choose to use electric auxiliary heating. The solar water heating project with large amount of hot water in the bathing center or unit is generally assisted by electric or air source heat pump. The basic energy of solar thermal heating is air. The source heat pump assists in heating. This is the basic status of current photothermal applications.

II. Solar thermal and thermal energy linkage with other energy sources is the most ideal application method

High-end products are the subject of painstaking research by solar manufacturing companies. For the moment, the application and performance of products such as flat panels and superconducting heat pipes have been greatly improved compared with the previous ones. However, the fly in the ointment is that many high-end products in the industry have not revolutionized the products, but only adjusted in shape and structure. Therefore, the driving force in the application of solar thermal products is obviously insufficient. This is not the path to sustainable development of solar thermal applications.

Solar thermal technology is always in front of photovoltaic power generation. Because photovoltaic power generation has no substitute products, photovoltaic power generation has been moving forward in a goal. It has already set a milestone, and new photovoltaic power generation technology is constantly innovating. . The application of light and heat is still based on decades ago. So far, there has not been a breakthrough in replacing coal, natural gas and electric heating. It must also rely on the support of other energy sources. The solar thermal efficiency is inherently many times higher than that of photovoltaic power generation. For example, the floor space: 1kW/h photovoltaic power generation products need to cover an area of 8m2, and the cost is nearly 10,000 yuan. The light and heat 1kW / h floor space only needs 0.23m2, the cost is only 50 yuan, the cost difference is 200 times. Why is the photothermal efficiency so high that it cannot be popularized in heating?

In fact, regarding product innovation, the way of thinking about how to improve transportation and how to improve the value of products is not inappropriate. However, after consuming manpower, material resources and financial resources, it has failed to realize the ideal application of solar thermal energy, and has not realized solar thermal utilization. Significant expansion in the field of application. Therefore, we believe that the synergy between solar thermal energy and other energy sources is the best way to use solar thermal energy. Through various practices, it has also been proved that solar thermal products that are marketable and can be applied on a large scale must be linked to other energy products. This direction is not only the development direction of the solar thermal industry, but also the entire clean energy industry. Direction of development. However, in the course of actual operation, many companies use other technologies to replace solar energy products. Under the banner of solar heating, the air source pump or ground source heat pump is actually installed for the user. The future of solar thermal products in the heating and heating market seems to have entered a dead end.

III. Auxiliary energy selection problem for solar heating

At present, in the solar heating project, the air source heat pump has become the choice of most enterprises. For this reason, some enterprises may have the following four points:

1.If solar energy is required according to the amount required for building heating, for example, 10,000 square meters of building heating is taken as an example: the heat load is calculated according to 50W/, and the building needs energy of about 12,000 kW/h for 24 hours, which is equivalent to about 171 tons of hot water of 60 degrees. According to the calculation of ordinary vacuum tubes, the area needs to be about 3,000 square meters. Many buildings can not accommodate these solar collectors, so they have to compress a large number of solar collectors. The main heating uses air source heat pumps. The name is based on solar heating. The use of electricity to solve, the operating costs remain high, solar heating is almost no name, leaving the impression that the user has no difference between solar heating and direct electricity.

2. The company only considers making money, regardless of the user's operating expenses, electric heating and air source heat pump heating can be used, as long as the project can make money.

3. In order to sell the products at high prices, the company promotes the upgraded collectors with high prices, and the users spend more money and the results are not good.

4. The enterprise said that the ordinary vacuum tube with high light and heat efficiency is worthless. The upgraded version of the flat plate and supercatheter is good. The result is not the result described by itself. As a result, some users have doubts about solar heating.

IV. The solar energy cross-season heat storage is the key to solving the problem of continuous use of solar light and heat

1.The biggest bottleneck in solar thermal applications is the continuous use problem, which is a technical problem that must be solved by photothermal applications. In fact, solar thermal applications have entered solar energy storage, including the existing basic functions of domestic water heaters, which can be used during the day.

2. Solar thermal energy is more ideal for economic benefits in greenhouses in facility agriculture, and environmental and ecological benefits are unprecedented. The data of solar thermal energy storage in greenhouses are as follows: 1000 square meters of greenhouses are installed with 1000 vacuum tube collectors, and the daily heat can be received at 700 kW/h. The time for daylight in 12 months is calculated according to 240 days. The energy can be received at approximately 168,000 kW/h. In the coldest winters in China, the greenhouse heating is calculated for 150 days. The greenhouse needs heating for about 10 hours every night, and the hourly energy consumption is 100W/m2h. The 1000m2 greenhouse consumes about 1000kW/h per day and can be heated continuously for 168 days. Heating load analysis This configuration can fully meet the greenhouse energy needs of the winter. This greenhouse can achieve uninterrupted planting throughout the year, especially in the autumn of the year, the spring of up to 9 months is the greenhouse gold high-yield time. Two candied fruit and vegetable production can be completed, and the total output can reach 50 tons. Calculated at 15 yuan per kilogram, the output value is 750,000 yuan. In the same year, the entire investment in the greenhouse can be recovered, and the energy required in the second year is almost zero. The construction investment of the greenhouse of 1000m2 is about 500,000 yuan, and the income of 9 months is 750,000 yuan. The whole investment can be recovered in that year. The value of 1kW/h of heat generated in facility agriculture is 4.46 yuan.

3. The calorific value of gasoline is only 0.95 yuan worth of kW/h. As long as the solar thermal utilization is solved by solving the technical problems of energy storage, the economic benefits are better than any kind of energy, stable operation and no hidden dangers; environmental protection and ecology The benefits are even more inconsistent with other sources of energy. Solar thermal is directly utilized and does not require any additional equipment to convert, which is not possible with other energy sources.

4. It can be seen that the potential of solar thermal applications is huge, and many of our solar manufacturers should see this prospect. In short, the solar thermal application ultimately requires users to truly feel the cheap and practical use of solar energy. Only by using solar energy as a substitute for coal, natural gas and electricity, solar thermal applications can be popularized. Only by benefiting more users, solar thermal applications are likely to bring new hope to more manufacturing companies. It is possible to apply the scale to the application of light and heat.


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