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company culture knowledge

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At 13:00 pm of 18th,June,2016,Jiangsu sunpower solar technology co.,ltd organized a company culture knowledge campaignit is organized by administration deparmentparticipating departments: Production department, Purchasing department, Foreign Trade department,Domestic sales department, Finance Department, QualitydepartmentRule of the game is that every group has 10 required questions, 5 selected questions, 20 prepared questionsManager Mr wu Jianghong served as referee,Mr xiongyong and Wuguangming served as deputy referees
The campaign includes: product knowledge, company management knowledge , system documents, the relevant rules and regulations, the implementation of standards, nearly 200 issues, after nearly three hours of intense competition, the production department got the first price with total score 310.
At the starting of the campaignproduction department has been in a leading position after the last round of preparethe production department won the first prizethe quality department and purchase department were into extra division with the score 270finally the qualtiy department was violating the rules in prepare,passed second placeFinance and foreign trade department tied for fourth place with score 200 ,and domestic sales department was fifth place
At last, General manager Mr. Wujiang Hong, was affirmed this campaign  and published his expectation to organize the similar events in the future.

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