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Nearly 100 Enterprises Shortlisted! The First "Chinese Solar Energy Excellent Parts" Awards Ceremony Held Grandly!

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2018 China solar energy industry and economic development (Beijing) BBS and the first "China solar energy excellent parts" award ceremony was grandly held in Beijing.

In May 2018, the first batch of application work for "China solar energy engineering excellent parts data center" was launched, and the second batch of application work ended on August 31. After more than 120 days, nearly 100 genuine enterprises were selected successfully. The "China solar engineering excellent parts data center" has become the most pioneering, authoritative and influential platform for the selection of excellent solar engineering parts in the national solar industry. Good part covers the flat collectors, vacuum tube collector, water tank (enamel, stainless steel water tank), header, engineering control cabinet, heat conduction medium, all-glass vacuum tube-a, water pump (integrated pump station), seal rubber and plastic products, auxiliary heating equipment, with tropical, solar dedicated pipe, plate heat absorption coating, insulation materials, plumbing pipe fittings, thermostatic faucets, antiscale (agent), hot water control valve and so on dozens of related items (products), is an important data source center Chinese solar parts are fine. On the morning of the 14th, the first "Chinese solar energy excellent parts" award ceremony was held in Beijing Jingyan hotel.

 According to the "report on the operation status of China's solar thermal utilization industry" (January to June 2018), from January to June 2018, the total sales volume of solar thermal utilization and collection system in China was 17.557 million square meters (equivalent to a total power of 13167.8MWth), among which the engineering market accounted for 73%, leading the market. However, the report also pointed out that the solar engineering market in some areas still has a low quality, low price, vicious competition disease. In the current comprehensive high quality development stage in our country, from the source to good quality, build quality of the market environment, in order to make solar energy service national high quality development, the good life is to continuously meet the people's increasing demand, China's solar energy ministry to the establishment of a data center, fine product quality to maintain industry, support industry healthy and benign development is of great significance.



In this grand ceremony, Jiangsu Sunpower company has won several kinds of awards with the special and qualified products “vacuum tube”, “Australia A8 NZS 2712 flat plate solar collector system” and “Compact low pressure pressure system”.

 Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise,working on solar collector product development, production and sales. It is an important manufacturing base for exports solar water heaters in China.

 It was founded in 2004, with registered capital of 51 million Yuan. The company's products about solar hot waters have been sold worldwide 95 countries and area and have achieved greater market share in European and South America. The latest Customs data shows that from 2004 to 2013 the company total exports had been $ 112 million, accounting for 7% of China’s total exports of solar thermal which is top 3 position in the industry of China. Sunpower solar always regards the product quality as the first core element. Its products passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system, CCC certification, Healthy certification Ministry of Construction, the EU EN12975&EN12976 product quality certification, CE certification, the European Solar Keymark certification, the U.S. SRCC certification, South Africa SABS certification, Korea certification, Australia WATER MARK certification and Mexico solar standards certification.

The company currently owns 116 various types of patent applications (15 for patent for invention, 9 of them authorized), including 95 utility model patents; drafting five national standards for the industry and two international standard (China currently only undertake the drafting of two international standards in solar thermal fields, our company and the China National Standard Authority are involved). Jiangsu Province solar building integrated design atlas was also drafted by our company in 2009.



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