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  • 11-15
    October triumphant re-enactment

    "Long winds send autumn geese, you can smash high buildings." October is the golden harvest season.In October, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the Brazilian Inmetro certificate and the European Solar Keymark certificate. In October, Jiangsusunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd. par Read More »

  • 08-20
    Staff development activities

    "Spring is not old, the full moon is bustling, so drunk, until the city always spends" From July 26th to 28th, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd. stopped the production and organized all employees to expand tourism activities in Anhui Ningguo. Read More »

  • 04-14
    A booming season for selling solar water heater

    After a sale of 17 containers’ of solar water heater, our company again welcome 12 containers. Starting from 9:00 am, the containers arrived at the company one after the other. The loading area was a little bit crowded with these container cars. Under such sluggish situation in the whole industry, Read More »

  • 04-06
    An old man and his solar-thermal career

    An old man and his solar-thermal career This Tuesday is Chinese traditional Tomb-sweeping Festival. In this festival, we hold a memorial ceremony for the dead. At the same time, a sense of nostalgia come into being. China has became the biggest manufacturer and applied country world-wide sin Read More »

  • 03-30
    Solar water heating systems engineering of Xinzha Gym is start

    Solar water heating systems engineering project is supported by Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd Read More »

  • 03-02
    Solar Collectors' Spectacular Situation of Selling Season

    After the 17 containers delivery, the order has already scheduled to the middle of June. Today we will arrange to load 11 containers. And we will arrange an average of 10 containers to load in a day in the following 4 months. Both foreign trade and domestic trade department have consistent good grad Read More »



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