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Staff development activities

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"Spring is not old, the full moon is bustling, so drunk, until the city always spends"

  From July 26th to 28th, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd. stopped the production and organized all employees to expand tourism activities in Anhui Ningguo.

"The sun is burning, its flamboyant" employees are full of the beauty of labor, accompanied by laughter and laughter. In recent years, in the case of China's solar thermal market is sluggish, Badelite's scenery is unique. Sales are increasing year by year, and production tasks are becoming more and more arduous. A company can develop a lot of factors, but the humanistic care of employees can better reflect its ability to sustain development, and it can stand out from the crowd. Badelite always puts the concern of employees first. In addition to allowing employees to relax and appreciate the beauty of the landscape, the coordination of various departments and the harmonious coexistence of people also lay a good foundation for future work.

In addition to spending money, the annual expansion activities cost the company's activities, routes, accommodation, attractions and other companies. But seeing everyone's smile is also a comfort.

The gathering is short-lived, but the warmth of the heart is long-lasting, she will accompany her work, accompany her life and even her life.

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