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2018 enterprises included in the data center of excellent parts of solar energy engineering in china

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1. Basic information of parts (products)

Name of applicant

 Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.


No. 2969 Longcheng Avenue, Xinbei Airport Industrial Park, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

corporate representative

Tongwei Zhang

Sales contact

Anqiu Zhao

Mobile phone




Part (product) name

Flat Plate Solar Collector

Specification model


Parts picture

Attached to the document

Production execution standard


GB/T 6424-2007 flat type solar collector technical conditions;

GB/T 4271-2007 Flat-type solar collector thermal performance test method;

GB/T 26974-2011 Technical requirements for flat-plate solar collectors;

GB/T 12936-2007 terminology of solar thermal utilization;

GB/T 4271-2010 Solar collector thermal performance test method.

Technical characteristics

And performance indicators

Technical features:

1. It adopts black film, anodizing and blue film heat absorbing plate, which has high heat collecting, small heat loss and long service life.

2. Imported European CNC laser welding equipment, laser welding between copper tube and collector plate, strong bonding point, low thermal resistance and long life.

3. Innovative design, high thermal efficiency.

4. The frame material is made of aerospace grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is oxidized on the surface, which is beautiful and corrosion resistant.

5. Compact structure, smooth circulation and high heat collection efficiency.

6. Pure copper flow channel, the cover plate is made of low-iron cloth tempered glass, which is reliable and has a long service life.

7. The internal insulation material is made of glass fiber cotton, which has good insulation performance.


modelparametersize2000×1000×80(mm);2500×800×80(mm)Heat absorption area1.82net weight32kgTest pressure1.2MpaWork pressure0.6MpaGlass coverCover materialUltra-white low iron cloth tempered glassCover thickness3.2mmCover transmittance≥91%Heat absorbing plateHeat absorbing plate materialAluminum plateHeat absorbing plate thickness0.4mcoatingThe whole plate is black chrome plated, anodized, and the whole plate is blue.Absorption rate≥93%Emissivity≤5%Heat pipe sizeTP2 copper tube: Ф 8mm × 0.5mmCollector sizeTP2 copper tube: Ф22mm×0.8mm /Ф16mm×0.7mmDraft tube positioning memberGroup molding compoundWeather resistance-40 ° C ~ 250 ° CInsulationInsulation MaterialsGlass wool and black felt with aluminum foilInsulation material thicknessBack panel 45mm, side panel 35mmInsulation density43~45Kg/Border materialAluminum alloy 6063-T5


Design, installation, use and requirements

1. The installation plane should be within 10 degrees of south or south to the west, and there should be no light blocking in the front for more than 2/3 of the day;

2. The flat panel collector should be handled gently to avoid scratching or damage;

3. The flat collector is generally installed with brackets, and the brackets are inclined at a certain angle [the installation angle is the geographic latitude of the area (or the geographical latitude ± 10 °)]. The main installation methods can be divided into single installation and multiple installation according to the user. And the special clamp is fixed firmly, and the two collectors are reliably connected by a bellows or a copper pipe joint, and the excess circulation port is blocked by a wire cap;

4. Building load-bearing: The installation position is subject to 4 times the total weight of the collector after filling the working medium, otherwise it needs to be reinforced to meet the installation requirements;

5. For large wind or typhoon areas, the collector bracket should be installed with a reinforced anti-typhoon bracket, which is designed to withstand winds above 12;

6. Install solar energy in the outdoor open area or floor area. After the collector is installed, the collector bracket should be connected with the floor lightning protection net by galvanized flat iron or galvanized round steel.

7. The expansion tank and the automatic exhaust valve should be installed in the closed collector heat circulation system piping.

Scope and conditions of use

1. Flat-type solar collectors can be used in hotels, hospitals, houses, schools, factories, enterprises and institutions to provide medium and low temperature domestic hot water.

2. Install a flat-plate solar collector in the southern region, and use circulating water to prevent water or antifreeze.

3. Install flat-plate solar collectors in the northern region, and use antifreeze for circulating fluids (the concentration of antifreeze is adjusted according to the lowest temperature of the coldest month in the installation area).

Patent type

Utility model

Approval of time






Patent No

ZL 2011 2 0299015.4

ZL 2011 2 0481286.1

ZL 2013 2 0799184.3

ZL 2013 2 0800501.9

ZL 2013 2 0801567.X



1. Jiangxi Xinli Land Investment Co., Ltd.

Contact and phone number

Wangong: 138****9785

2.Lu'an Country Garden Jiahe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Yang Zong: 0564-26***88

3.Qingdao Longhu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Peng Zong: 0532-68***772

4.Wuxi Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Tan Wei: 0510-85***888

5.Jiangyin Changjiang Real Estate Development Company

Xia Yong: 135****5063

proposed price

3000 yuan / set

2. Product Image 



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Mobile: 13701509293

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