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Why Italian not keen on economic transition?

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Milan Expo will be held in Italy, which will add another a glorious Italian. In Europe, Italy's economy ranked outside the top three, but the Italian brand reputation is not low. When the European economy into a quagmire, when the Second World War vanquished Italy but did not as recession anxiety, nor shout all day long with economies in transition, all of it because the Italian brand economy thriving. Look at this country what are super famous bar: let women have two luminous Prada, Ermenegildo Zegna, D & G, Fendi, Versace, Ferragamo ...... it was so that men adrenaline surge of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati .....

Some may think, such a strong Italian brand economy must focus a lot of large state-owned enterprises, and promote the national economy from these monopoly of large enterprises, but the surprise is the fact that Italy is a typical "family SMEs countries" It has a flexible form of network organization and specialized industrial cluster (industrial areas or industrial clusters) features.

From Milan by car in less than an hour to arrive handmade ceramic art brand Morbelli location Vignate region, the level of premium brands national ceremony, but located in the old two-story house, only a dozen workers - - and this is only a classic of the Italian ten million SMEs

Survival of many SMEs in Italy is their core technology. A company with half a century of family business background -  gold tread pull shoe company, selling handmade custom shoes priced at up to 25,000 to 30,000 euros. Each pair of shoes the company produced an average life expectancy of 20 years. La Tang Chai boss declared, even if worn soles, shoe wear, made by hand satisfied that the system will never open the upper line. It is such a core competitiveness, product quality can be extreme, in order to make the Italian SMEs to avoid falling into homogeneous competition difficulties.

Italian small and medium enterprises take the technology as the core, polymeric chain and beneficial way to build industry gathering area; it is a good suggest lesson for us to learn.

Therefore, we believe that only the blind pursuit of price rather than the pursuit of quality must sooner or later perish. We Sunpower Solar always adhere to the technological research and innovation as the primary productive elements, and constantly improve and enhance product quality as the prerequisite to achieve ultra-high customer satisfaction. China's solar water heater industry is a lot of small and micro enterprises was mixed, these small businesses do not even have quality inspection departments, no R & D department, using old equipment are eliminated. And ours pursuit of product quality includes the following aspects, and persistence in improving these aspects: 1. quality inspection departments and even the number of employees exceeds a certain number of all employees a workshop. 2. We have a world-class laboratory. 3. The automatic foam and packing lines. 4. R & D departments to provide strong technical support. 

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