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What is the working principle of commercial solar water heater?

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Commercial Solar water heater converts solar energy into heat energy, heating water from low temperature to high temperature, so as to satisfy people's use of hot water in life and production. The solar water heater is divided into vacuum tube solar water heater and flat panel solar water heater according to its structure. At present, the vacuum tube solar water heater is the main type, occupying 95% of the domestic market share.


l  What is the working principle of solar water heater?

l  Use Skills of Solar Water Heater

What is the working principle of solar water heater?

1. Heat Absorption Process of Commercial Solar Water Heaters

The solar radiation is absorbed by the collector coating through the outer tube of the vacuum tube. And then transferred to the water in the tube along the inner tube wall. After the external tube of the commercial solar water heater absorbs heat, the temperature rises. The specific gravity decreases and rises, forming upward power, forming a thermal siphon system. 

When hot water moves upwards and is stored on the top of the tank. Low-temperature water will be continuously replenished along the other side of the pipeline. Thus making the water in the whole tank of commercial solar water heater rise to a certain temperature by reciprocating flow like this. Flat water heaters in commercial solar water heaters generally use split water heaters. Because of the natural circulation heat siphon of the medium in the collector plate, solar radiation transfers heat to the water tank in time in the collector plate, and the water tank transfers heat to the cold water through heat exchange. Medium can also circulate through the pump to transfer heat.


2. Circulating Pipeline of Commercial Solar Water Heater

Commercial solar water heaters usually work in a natural circulation mode without external power supply. Vacuum tubular solar water heater is a direct insertion structure, hot water through gravity to provide power. Commercial solar water heaters provide electricity through tap water pressure (known as water supply). Pump circulation is used in solar central heating system. Because of the small heat collecting area of solar water heater, considering the loss of heat energy, pipeline circulation is generally not used.


3. Top Water Use Technology of Commercial Solar Water Heater

Flat panel solar water heater works in top water mode, vacuum tube solar water heater can also work in top water mode, water tank can use water jacket or coil. The advantage of top water work is that the water supply pressure is tap water pressure, which is higher than the natural gravity pressure. Especially when the installation height is not high, its characteristic is that the water temperature is first high and then low, easy to master, easy to adapt to users, but the tap water needs to maintain the water supply capacity. Solar water heater with top water operation has higher cost and price than gravity water heater.

Use Skills of Solar Water Heater

1. If the weather is clear, you can fill up the tank of the commercial solar water heater; if it's cloudy or cloudy, you only need half a tank of water or two-thirds of water; if it's raining, you don't need cold water to keep the original water.


2. When you use a commercial solar water heater, pay attention to opening the cold water valve, regulating the flow of cold water, and then opening the hot water valve to adjust until the required bath temperature is reached. Attention should be paid to adjusting the water temperature and not to let the nozzle face to people so as to avoid scalding. During the bathing process, when the water tank suddenly does not have hot water, you can go to the solar water tank to cool for 10 minutes, the hot water will be discharged from the vacuum tube, and then continue to take a bath.


3. The water supply time of commercial solar water heater empty tank should be 4 hours before sunrise or after sunrise (6 hours in summer).


4. Cold and hot water regulation of commercial solar water heater: water temperature regulation step of water heater: first open the cold water valve, adjust the flow of cold water appropriately, then open the hot water valve to adjust until the required bath temperature is reached. In addition, the amount of cold water can be determined according to weather conditions and experience, and attention should be paid to the nozzle not facing the human body, so as to avoid scalding.


5. Commercial solar water heater time selection, try to avoid peak water, other bathrooms, kitchens do not use hot water, cold water, avoid hot and cold showers. Because the power cut anti-freezing belt can not be used, the water valve of commercial solar water heater can slightly open dripping water, which has a certain anti-freezing effect. When the water level of the water heater is lower than 2 water level, the side heat auxiliary system should not be used to prevent the side heat auxiliary system from drying. Users using AISI automatic valves can close the water supply after confirming that the water is full to avoid accidents.


6. When the temperature of commercial solar water heater is not too low in winter (5-7C). If there is hot water in the water tank at night. It is suggested that the solar water heater should be filled with water immediately to reduce the water temperature in the water tank and heat loss at night, and make full use of heat energy. If the temperature and water level are low. It is suggested to water in the morning in order to prevent the water heater outlet pipe from knotting.


7.  When using commercial solar water heater to drain water to the bathtub (bathtub), do not use the shower head. So as not to burn the shower head; when going out for a long time, it is necessary to turn off the tap water and the total indoor power supply.


8. If the water consumption of commercial solar water heaters is large, we can consider starting the electric heating of solar water heaters or putting the water in the solar water heater into the electric water heater for a small amount of heating.


The correct use of commercial solar water heaters will bring us a good feeling of hot water enjoyment and security. And also have a good guarantee for the life of solar energy itself.


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