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What are the advantages and disadvantages of commercial solar water heaters?

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Commercial solar water heaters have been widely used by some business companies and shopkeepers because of their good usability, which saves energy and reduces costs, and other good advantages are worth choosing. However, an item has two sides. The commercial solar water heater has advantages and disadvantages. The demander can select a suitable solar water heater according to these characteristics.









The heat collecting element in the system. Its function is equivalent to the electric heating pipe in the electric water heater. Unlike electric water heaters and gas water heaters, solar collectors use the radiant heat of the sun, so the heating time can only be achieved when the solar radiation reaches a certain value.


Insulation tank

A container for storing hot water. The hot water collected by the heat collecting tube must be stored in the insulated water tank to prevent heat loss. The capacity of a commercial solar water heater refers to the water capacity that can be used in a water heater, and does not include the capacity that cannot be used in a vacuum tube. For a pressurized solar water heater, its capacity refers to the capacity of the medium in which heat exchange can occur. It consists of three parts: inner liner, thermal insulation layer and water tank outer casing.



A shelf that supports the collector and the insulated water tank. Requires a firm structure, high stability, resistance to wind and snow, aging resistance, and no rust. The material is generally sprayed with stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel.


Connecting pipe

The solar water heater firstly enters the cold water into the hot water storage tank, and then transfers the heat to the heat preservation water tank through the heat collector.


Control unit

Commonly used controllers are automatic water supply, water full water and water temperature and water level. Commercial solar water heaters with electric auxiliary heating also have leakage protection and anti-drying functions.



1. Safety is the biggest advantage, and it has a long service life. Solar energy only absorbs sunlight for heating, and there is no danger of gas poisoning and electric shock, so it is relatively reliable.


2. Its energy saving and environmental protection economic benefits are very significant. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, characterized by incompleteness, environmental protection and pollution. Its energy-saving effect is obvious, which can reduce the commercial cost and facilitate the rapid recovery of profits.


3. Multiple water supply, the water tank of the solar water heater is larger, the heat preservation effect is good, and the water supply of the household water points can be satisfied at the same time, and the hot water demand of the constant temperature hot water of the whole family is realized.



Although commercial solar water heaters have many advantages, they also have some shortcomings.


1. Installation is complicated, such as improper installation, it will affect the appearance, quality and city appearance of the city. For example, some homestays only have a good environment to choose someone to stay in, so the installation of solar water heaters is a very important thing that will affect long-term benefits.


2. Maintenance is more troublesome, which may also become the most troublesome thing for merchants. It is easy to install beautifully, but it may be inconvenient to maintain. Because solar water heaters are installed outdoors, and most of them are on the roof and roof, commercial solar water heaters are more difficult to maintain than electric water heaters and gas water heaters.



As long as you have enough planning, or you can find a designer to help you plan your installation, some problems can be solved, pay more attention to the advantages of commercial solar water heaters, it will bring you more Income.


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