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Vacuum tube solar water heater that you don't know

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With the deepening of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, vacuum tube solar water heaters are increasingly popular with users. But in recent years, everyone is paying more and more attention to solar water heaters, but many people may not understand solar water heaters, so the following section will give you a general knowledge.

You will know:

What is a vacuum tube solar water heater?


Working principle



What is a vacuum tube solar water heater?

It is a device that uses solar energy to heat water from cold to hot, and is a solar product. The vacuum tube solar water heater is composed of an all-glass vacuum solar collector. Which has the function of converting solar energy into heat energy, storage tank, bracket and related accessories. It is well known that the surface temperature of the sun is high and the temperature of the other surface is low. In this way, the water in the tube will have different temperatures, the warm water will rise, and the colder water will sink, causing circulation and eventually producing the required hot water.


Vacuum tube solar water heaters are one of the large industries that rely on solar energy applications. Providing new water heaters for the people with environmental protection, energy saving, safety and sanitation. Solar water heaters are energy-saving equipment that absorbs solar radiation heat energy and provides cold water for people's daily life and production.



The vacuum tube solar water heater can divide into an all-glass vacuum tube type, a heat tube vacuum tube type, a U-shaped tube vacuum tube type/vacuum tube collecting heat, and a heat storage integrated boring type. Commonly used is all-glass vacuum tube type, its advantages: safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and economy.

In particular, the solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating function mainly base on solar energy. And the energy utilization mode supplemented by electric energy enables the solar water heater to operate normally all the year, and the efficiency is relatively high. High when the ambient temperature is low. The disadvantage is that the volume is large, the glass tube is fragile, the scale is easy to accumulate in the tube, and the pressure cannot be operated.


Working principle

The collector plate of the vacuum tube solar water heater consists of several vacuum tubes. Like many lengthened thermos flasks placed side by side. The inner and outer layers of the vacuum tube are vacuum tubes. A special material for absorbing solar radiation is coated on the outer surface of the inner tube. Then it convert into heat energy, which is introduce into the water in the pipe.


Based on the principle that the ratio of cold water to hot water is small; the natural convection cycle between the heat pipe and the heat preservation water tank forms an increase in cold water and hot water; and the water in the water tank gradually becomes hot. By storing hot water in insulated tanks, people can use hot water at any time. Hot or cold water deliver through the connecting pipe to form a closed loop as needed.

By controlling the system display and water temperature, the water level is automatically controlled. And the vacuum tube can  prevent from bursting after high temperature air drying and sudden injection of cold water. The main frame supports the collector plate and the water barrier. It also use to adjust the angle between the collector plate and the ground to form the optimal tilt angle. So that the solar water heater collector plate can obtain the maximum solar energy.



I hope that after reading this article, you can have an in-depth understanding of solar water heaters. Even if you don't plan to use it, you can understand it. After all, its current trend is growing, and you  prepare when you think about it mentally.


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