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What are residential solar water heaters good for?

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More and more people are starting to install residential solar water heaters at home instead of traditional electric water heaters. Why is residential solar water heater getting so popular, and what are residential solar water heaters good for?


  • What is a residential solar water heater?

  • What are the advantages of residential solar water heaters?

  • How to make full use of residential solar water heaters

  • Summary


What is a residential solar water heater?

Residential solar water heaters use solar energy from the sun to generate heat (rather than electricity), which can then be used to heat water for showers, space heating, industrial processes and even solar cooling.

Although solar water heater equipment has existed for more than 100 years, significant advances have been made in absorbent coating technology over the past 20 years, enabling solar collectors to reliably convert >50% of available sunlight for domestic hot water supply. Residential solar water heaters are one of the most effective ways to reduce the household's carbon footprint by reducing the reliance on dirty fossil fuel use. By offsetting the use of electricity, gas or heating oil, the use of residential solar water heaters can also save money by reducing energy costs.


Advantages of residential solar water heaters

The advantages are not just cost savings and power supply, but solar power systems can also achieve these advantages. Here are some of the unique benefits of home solar hot water products that may convince you to upgrade your home.

1. Size selection: Proper size is essential because the homeowner must have enough storage space to meet 90% to 100% hot water demand. Storage is also a consideration. A 50- to 60-gallon storage tank can accommodate up to three people, an 80-gallon tank for up to four people, and a larger storage tank for up to six people.

2. Smaller space: Solar thermal panels are generally less dense than photovoltaic panels. The amount of water required to heat is less than the array used to provide sufficient power for the home.

3. High efficiency: About 80% of the solar radiation is converted into the heat needed to get hot water at home.

4. Cost savings: Two or three panels cost less than large home appliances. You can also save on gas costs for gas heating systems.

5. Low maintenance: After installation, almost no maintenance is required, and solar water heaters can operate for up to 20 years.

6. Reduce carbon footprint: Households can be more environmentally friendly, plus tax incentives for renewable energy.


How to make full use of residential solar water heaters?

There are many advantages to using a residential solar water heater system, and many disadvantages can be avoided by professional installation. The installer can check the roof to see if it can support the panel. They can also view shadows and other factors that may affect efficiency.

Professional installers can also help you get more out of the system. In addition to a more optimized configuration, they also optimize roof space so water heating elements can be combined with photovoltaic systems. Electricity from these can help increase heating capacity. In fact, combining different types of panels helps increase energy efficiency.



Residential solar water heaters are reliable and efficient. Planning and proper installation can help homeowners make the most of them, avoiding some of the shortcomings and getting all the benefits of the right system and size. If you want to buy a cost-effective, safe and reliable residential solar water heater, the Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology company has the perfect product.


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