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Vanke Properties

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China Vanke co., LTD, founded in May 1984, is currently the largest professional housing development enterprise in China.

Vanke entered into the real estate industry in 1988. Five years later, it eatablished the public housing development as the company's core business. By the end of 2009, its business covers 40 cities in the three economic circles, namely, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and Bo Hai Coastal Region. In 2009, on the list of the best global housing development enterprises, which was issued by European currency , vanke won the first place among the global housing class development enterprises. 

In 1991, Vanke became the second listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. With

its sustained growth and standardized corporate governance structure , the company won wide recognitions of the investors. During its development, it has been elected successively on Forbes and crowned as“200 global best small and medium-sized enterprises", "200 Asian best small businesses " and "Asian optimal 50 large listed companies". Also, it has won many awards from IR , which is one of the international authorative medias , such as ;The best governance corporation” and The best investor relations;. 

Kaisa , established in 1999, is originated from Hong Kong and is a large comprehensive real estate company with powerful strengths. its real estate business involves the development and operation of large residential properties and comprehensive commercial properties. The headquarter is located in Shenzhen. In December 2009, Kaisa was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1638. HK).





In 2010, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology co., LTD and China Vanke co., LTD signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology co., LTD will bear the responsibility of designing and installing its solar water heaters and other related products for Vanke co., LTD . Since the cooperation of both sides, good cooperations have been carried out in many projects. More than 2000 solar hot water system products have been successively installed in villas, multi- storey buildings,small lift-equipped high-rise buildings,high-rise and public buildings. 

 Vanke Charming City Centralized Household Project (WuxiJiangsu)







 Vanke XinDuHui Centralized Household Project (WuxiJiangsu)



 Vanke JinYuLanWan Centralized Household Project (WuxiJiangsu)



Vanke JinYu TiXiang Centralized Household Project (WuxiJiangsu)

 Vanke XinChengDaoCentralized Household Project (Wuxi,Jiangsu)

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