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The experts from EU Solar Keymark come to Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd for examination

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jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd ushered EU SOLARKEYMARK accreditation team led by experts Korbinian Kramer and Wolfgang Striewe on Aug. 7th and received annual routine inspection from them. With world-class product quality and blameless the quality management system, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd becomes the first company in China which receives the certification from EU SOLARKEYMARK and gains the pass to the European Union market. Almost demanding strict quality inspection has been done to the brands which want to enter the EU market by the certification agencies. 

The whole certification process lasts for more than a year and random check will be done in workshop every year to make sure that every product complies with EU quality standards. Since Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd founded, we have enforced full quality management and have strict control of procurement of materials, design of product, technology and process control and product inspection to make sure every solar water heater which we product can achieve the technical requirement of EU market and to protect consumer interests fundamentally Fully affirmed and highly appraised were given to workshop and quality of products by certification experts during this certification process and said that the company had the same level of quality control as EU companies. Finally, the certification experts randomly selected a group of machines and sent to EU for checking.

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