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Sunpower won the gold award of “Brand in China”competition

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On the evening of 9th August 2009, the third ;Brand in China,Jinpu Competition award; which was sponsored by CCPIT, China's Industrial Union, Shandong Provincial People's Government, Qingdao People's Government was held on Qingdao Lijing Hotel. With the precursor of China export industry of solar water heater and rapid development in the domestic market. Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd won the highest award of solar industry  gold award came up to all our expectations. The Chinese brand festival is annual brand meeting which the specification is highest and the scalehas is greatest in china, and has conducted two sessions continuously . 

Chinese Brand General Comment roll is one of the third Chinese brand festival series activities, isthe authority big prize which sets up for the commendation all levels of China brand specially. This evaluation follows  objective, fair and scientific idea, it need to last two months, after the declaratie, first review and review by experts and so on many links, and give commendation to each kind of prominent brand in the national numerous well-known brands finally. Jingpu prize of Chinese Brand General comment roll is to commend national most representative outstanding independent brand which includs Haire, blue beer, Haixin and so on many well-known (includes Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan') . JIngpu means cheek in the line of business, "Jingpu prize awords excellent representative of proprietary innovation proprietary brand. And JIngpu Prize choose every year, and represent lofty honors.

 Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2004 which conducts research and development, produces and sells solar water heaters, and does international trade. With the development strategy for brand and technology, Sunpower is an important manufactory of solar water heater export in China, and also a pioneer in the industry by now.Sunpower has an ambitious team which adheres to develop by international brand. Our company implements quality management since it established. We firstly exported to Germany which is consistent in strictly. It had become a pioneer in the solar water heater industry when it established less than 3 years. In 2008 Sunpower had exported to over 78 countries which accounting for 11% of total exports of solar water heaters. On May 2009, Sunpower successfully gain the right to  home appliances to farmers , Sunpower gained ;Changzhou National High-Tech Development Zone; Model for Entrepreneurship of Changzhou National High-Tech Development Zone  and so on. Sunpower has grown as a dark horse in the solar heating industry. 

Sunpower also didn 't forget to contribute to the community. We also concern for social harmony. On June 2009, Sunpower started Caritas-Chinese Solar Project, Sunpower donate the value of 50 million solar water heaters one time to Changzhou Charity Federation. This charity also gets the wide attention from several sectors of society and levels of leadership: Mr. Shi Dinghuan, consultant of the State Council, President of China Renewable Energy Society, Mrs Zhang Yunyun: Vice Chairman of CPPCC and so on. On July 2009, Sunpower spend a large sum of money to gain the exclusive naming rights of  Jiangsu college student business plan competition . This also reflects that the company's leader's young president Mr Zhang Tongwei give great concern on employment and entrepreneurship of social problem for graduate. Meanwhile, Mr Zhang Tongwei was elected with the chairman of competition jury, and employed as a business mentor. Led by this 80'S young president, with the joint efforts of all members from Sunpower, We believe that Sunpower will become the pilot flag in the industry of solar water heater .

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