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Sunpower successfully passed the 2016 Australia audit factory inspection

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July 13, 2016, Lead Auditor George Liu come to sunpower to carry out the factory audit review under Australia standard AS/NZS 2712. Relative department and staffs were organized by General Manager Mr.Wu Jianghong, exporter manager of foreign trade department Mr.Keyway fully cooperate with the overall review.

 During the first meeting of the inspection, Lead Auditor George Liu emphasize, there is a new updated requirement for the Australian standard. The previous audit NC( non-confirm) to be closed within one year changed to must be closed in 5 days, or else it will transfer to MNC(Major Non-Confirm), and if the MNC could not be closed in 48 hours, the certificate will be canceled. As a certificate holder need to do a new application to get the certificate. It is a very strict regulation. 

   Through a whole day great effort by our colleagues, and effective communication with Lead Auditor,finally we successfully passed the audit, not any non-conform was issued during this time audit.  

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