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Sunpower solar fire safety training

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Sunpower solar fire safety training
 --National fire control、Life comes first、Prevention first、anti-consumer combination

In the afternoon of 8th,August,2014,the Administration department of sunpower solar invited the super instructor ZhangYiFen who is from NanJing BanQiao Fire training center Changzhou Branch held the fire safety training and fire drills successfully,the company leadership and all employees have actively participated in this training.

Instructor Zhang combine fire safety system and varies types of fire happened in the recent cases at home and abroad to let us know how to bulid public awareness of fire prevension,to prevent fire accident which may cause internal and external risks,personal face to burst fire should be relief and escape,etc,participants are educated and made detailed notes,each department officials said it would further strengthen the fire knowledge learning to prevent fire accident.

Through this training,our company ask all the department should draw profound lessons of the recent fire accident occurred,so alarm bells ringing,prevention firstly,combining anti-consumer.One is fire safety knowledge popularization in place,do learn by analogy,vigorously popularize to staff the scientific knowledge and the scene of the fire fighting and escape common sense;Two is the responsibility of the task decomposition in place。Two is the fire target refinement, decomposition,to the people to ensure full coverage of the objectives,tasks full implementation of the accountability to the people;The third is to put contingency plans in place.Be clear for the fire emergency handling procedures,fire evacuation method,fire fighting measures;The four is to place safety hazards investigation。Adhere to daily inspections,particularly increased the key parts of the inspection efforts of showrooms , workshops, offices, waste compartment, warehouses and other key parts ,require the implementation of specific persons responsible for each fire security measures , electricity lines,fire hydrants,fire extinguishers,ect.key parts of the safety performance regularly arrange for inspection,discovery of fire hazards and timely corrective and exclude to ensure safe production.The company will carry out fire safety supervision department from time to time,build long-term mechanism of fire safety,ensure that possible trouble.










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