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Sunpower participate two International standards which are issued by China for the first time

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October 9, 2014 to 10, the International Solar Energy Conference Technical Committee (ISO / TC180) held annual meeting and technique work meeting in Tsinghua Science Park in Beijing, China. During the meeting, China National Standardization Management Committee (SAC) proposed, ISO Solar Standardization Technical Committee (ISO / TC180) centralized management of the "collector components and materials Part I: vacuum tube performance and durability of the" and "first collector components and materials Part II: vacuum heat pipe performance and durability, "two international standards (hereinafter referred to as ISO22975-1 and IOS22975-2), after two years of discussions and technical standards in the ISO / TC180 WG3 annual meeting of the working group meeting, China Group conducted a mention DIS draft report. This is the first time that China participates in the development of solar energy to international standards.

  Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the solar standards development, and promote the full participation of the above standards by the National Standardization Technical Committee working group. Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the solar thermal collectors, heat exchangers, thermal storage component of R & D, manufacturing, exports and other sectors have a strong and first-mover advantage, the company's products are exported to over 100 countries and regions worldwide, is the solar thermal exports, one of the most widely used enterprise, is the earliest and most comprehensive EU solar Keymark certification, SRCC certification United States, South Africa, SABS certification, Korea SOLARS certification, Australia WATER MARK certification of solar water heaters and other international certification of enterprises. In terms of product testing solar collectors, sunpower accumulated a wealth of theoretical research and empirical data, in this ISO22975-1 and standards ISO22975-2, the Bedford Wright was invited as one of only three domestic experts in the enterprise, providing a lot of test data and expert opinion.

  International Standards Organization (ISO) standard-setting process rigorous, detailed data, a longer period, has to go through five stages: 1, Work Draft; WD; 2, Committee Draft; CD; 3 , Draft International Standard; DIS; 4, Final Draft International Standard; FDIS; 5, International Standard; IS, the first from July 2012 session in San Francisco since the solar standardization Technical Committee working Group Meeting approved, China is responsible for drafting standards ISO22975-1 and ISO22975-2 multiple organizational expert meetings, and in September 2013 organized a working group of ISO Freiburg in Germany / discussion during the TC180 CD draft annual meeting, successfully promoted to the CD standard from WD stage Sunpower as China's largest solar vacuum heat pipe (ISO22975-2 standard) manufacturing enterprises, attended every meeting of experts involved in every argument process.

  The past 20 years, China's solar water heater industry has been developing rapidly, solar collectors annual and cumulative holdings are ranked first in the world, China has become the world's production and application of solar water heaters country. At the same time, China's position in international standardization work in solar energy is also increasing. In 2008, the International Organization for Standardization / Solar Technical Committee (ISO / TC180) organizations, China from the "observation States" (O members) upgrade to "participate in the member states" (P members). In addition ISO22975-1 and ISO22975-2 led the development of standards for the first time has entered the DIS stage, ISO22975-5 collector components and materials: international standard fire resistance and insulation properties of the material has been approved to start this year, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Energy Technology Co., will continue to participate in the work and commitment of the Group of Experts. 


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