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Successful Close of Sunpower China Outstanding Distributor Assembly of 2009

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Five years, Sunpower lets the whole world be the witness of Sinicism development speed, makes everyone see with their own eyes the prospect of new energy and leaves the whole society a jumping miracle of Sunpower;s founding history; Five years, Sunpower grows up with other distributors around the world, all staffs pull together and march on the way of realizing fortune dreams; Five years, Sunpower forged ahead in the aspect of new energy with the spirit of wolf cooperation and build such a dream brand of China solar energy industry. From DEC.9 to Dec.10,2009, more than 300 outstanding distributors nationwide and leaders of government of all levels arrived at the common family of Sunpower people  Changzhou, Jiangsu, and attended   Five years of passion, fortune enjoyment ,Sunpower China Outstanding Distributor Assembly of 2009. This assembly came to be the largest one with the most participants in all previous ones. Meanwhile, it was also a united ceremony as well as a victory movement. On dec.9, the two-day Sunpower China Outstanding Distributor Assembly of 2009 was solemnly opened. General Manager Mr. Zhang tongwei presented an important speech, gave a detailed summary of work in 2009 and made a long-term plan of 2010. The passionate speech greatly encouraged the whole sales staff and distributors and established the foundation of new development in the new year. The new Sunpower brand and the new image of 2010 as well as the new VI system also were launched that very day. Compared with the previous image, the new one was steadier and more splendid. The following launch of China Energy series interested all the participants more and convinced every distributor that the Sunpower would have higher, faster, stronger development in 2010. During the meeting, the sales director of Jiangsu Sunpower Technology co.,ltd MR. Zhao jianfeng gave a summary of sales work in 2009 and made a detailed plan of inland sales of 2010. The sales policy of 2010 gave every distributor bigger surprise. Hangzhou HUiQING Enterprises management consulting company also prepared all the distributors actual combat training, brought new motivation with matured thinking method to distributors. Sunpower would like to lead all the distributors to work hard together to enjoy the pleasure of harvest. During the meeting, all the leaders and distributors also had a visit around the company under the guide. After getting the knowledge of updating manufacturing equipment and enlarging producing ability, all the leaders gave high valuation to Sunpower  development and manufacture scale. At the same time, the maintain growing up also enhanced the confidence and determination of distributors on sales of Sunpower solar system. At the awarding ceremony next day, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology co., ltd. gave positive answers to outstanding distributors in 2009 and set multiple awards and issued prizes, showed great appreciates to all distributors long-term cooperation and encouraged them on both spirit and materials, hoped them could pursuit better performance in 2010. During the interview after the ceremony, the participated distributors expressed that they had learnt lots of things by attending the meeting, especially after accepting the explanation and training of senior lecturer and communicating with other distributors. This meeting established a solid foundation of the future cooperation with Sunpower. They sincerely hoped that they could have further cooperation with Sunpower and strive for achieving the sales goal of 2010!   

 Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd., established in 2004, is a comprehensive enterprise professionally engaging in the research and development, production, sales and international trade of solar water heaters, as well as the precursor of China’s export industry of the product. Depending on its professional quality strengths and advanced service ideas, the company has sold its products well to 82 countries around the world, and maintained its position as an export pilot enterprise since 2006. Sunpower takes product quality as the first core factor throughout its operation, and positively carries out comprehensive quality management since established. Among all traders, the company was the first who has won overall approvals of ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 Quality System, Kangju Construction Parts Certification (KCPC) from Ministry of Construction of China, EU Certification EN12975, and EU Solar Keymark Certification. Sunpower implements the export-approval production system, and persists in the management idea of difficulties first, easinesses second ;. 

Relying on the perfect product quality and rigorous manufacturing craft, the company opened the German market at one fell swoop after overcoming all kinds of barriers. Meanwhile, to ensure that every new product manufactured reaches the international leading level, Sunpower has developed quality management cooperation with DIN, who regularly appoints engineers to the company every year, to guide its quality control management including raw material purchasing, product design, technology and craft, procedure control, product inspection, etc. By following the three principles -- no production of rejects ,  no outflow of rejects , and  no acceptance of rejects , Sunpower has built up a whole set of strict and excellent quality control system. As the navigater of the industry export who enjoys the good reputation in 82 countries all over the world.

Chinese ability to reach the world . Sunpower s development has also achieved attention and support from all government levels and industry leaders: Mr. Shi Dinghuan, consultant of the State Council, President of China Renewable Energy Society, Mr. Xi Wenhua, Chief of International Solar Certer of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Mr. Luo Zhentao, Executive President of China Solar Thermal Industry Federation (CSTIF) and many other leaders have visited Sunpower for several times, and given recognition for Sunpower’s development. Additionally, other countries have paid attention to Sunpower: Mr. Muttemwar, Indian’s Minister of Renewable Energy, Mr. Sisa, the Chief Representative of TKG Spain, Mr. Simion Dan, Consultant of Consulate General of Romania in Shanghai, and other officials and exports from abroad have come to Sunpower to explore and communicate. Now Sunpower has ascended into the first-class camp in the international solar industry. With the managing philosophy of striving for perfection and continuous innovation, Sunpower is dedicated to the solar industry, fighting for energy saving and building a harmonious home. So far,Sunpower has applied for 24 patents in various kinds (3 of invention) and has been authorized 4 patents among which 3 are for utility model. Our company has 3 brand, namely BadeliteSevensun and Sunpower enjoying good reputation overseas. In 2009, Sunpower also had compelling achievements: keeping a high-speed increase in foreign trade, winning the bidding in the program of home appliances going to the countryside, starting  Caritas-Chinese Solar Project , naming Jinan Spring Fair, Hefei Exhibition and  The first college student Appliance Services business plan Competition  Sunpower was elected as the standing director of China Solar Heating Industrial Association. It has grown as a dark horse in the solar heating industry. Our company uses the wolf as cultural totem and is making efforts to form a group of wolf nature and cooperation. The general manager Mr. Zhang Tongwei, the representative young entrepreneur of 80 after generation, has created a legend of export in 3 years and is entitled  the godfather of China solar industry export . 

Therefore, he has a high reputation within the industry and wins many titles, such as  Advanced Manager of Changzhou National High-Tech Development  ZoneModel for Entrepreneurship of Changzhou National High-Tech Development Zone , Top 10 Pioneers of 2007 China Solar Heating Industry ,  Top 10 Charming figures of 2008 China Solar Heating Industry as well as  Annual Figure for 2008 China Solar Heating Industry , etc. The past achievement has been part of the history of Sunpower. We strongly believe that with the efforts of the staff, our company is sure to have a fast grow and gradually become the leader in solar industry so that we will make our own contributions to building a harmonious society, sustainable development and fulfilling the goal of 40% carbon emission reduction. The new international image and new level of world With the excellence, continuous innovation" business philosophy, Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co.,Ltd engaged in solar industry, and gained remarkable achievements during 5 years. Sunpower will create solar energy industry event with updated, higher and stronger features in 2010. In order to enhance the international and professional quality in solar industry, Sunpower released 2010 new image and new VI standards at the annual meeting on December 9, 2009. On the basis of the original image, our company has forwarded a new one in 2010 in order to consolidate its brand and enlarge its influence within the industry and the public. It is a symbol of the company’s mature and stepping into the 1st class company internationally.


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