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Study the way of exploring and going forward

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On 21st, November, LuoXi Junior Chamber of Commerce and LuoXI government organized nearly 25 members who is represented their company went to Hunan university to participated in production and research docking activities. 

Director Luo who is responsible for production and research in Hunan University introduced the research achievements of recent years firstly, and then Director Gu from Luoxi enterprise management department made a report of recent investment in KongGang industry park of Changzhou, finally Townway Zhang as the president of Junior Chamber of Commerce made the following remarks:

We participated in many similar activities, Changzhou is a city of learning and science city, government will organize more than twice docking activities every year, we ourselves also organized to Sichuan University, China electronic Science and Technology University, Zhejiang University、Nanjing aeronautics and astronautics University, Southeast University and so on, and we also have the protection and research project with HeHai University, Southeast University and Changzhou institute of technology. Why we are keen to this? There are two points:

The first one, we have worship and vision on knowledge, why everyone want to go to university to study and get the college diploma,that is not because the college diploma is important,but with this diploma, it equals to you have the certification from the third-party, you are a man with knowledge. Now many people in the high-fever pursuit of knowledge, they lost culture. But HuNan University is an institution of millennium, the temple of knowledge, the cradle of culture.This visit not just the pursuit of knowledge, but also we can feel the culture of Hunan culture and make our culture grow.

The second, in normal technical development, enterprises may do more than school, mainly from the customer ;s needs and market pressure, but every time we can make a little progress, it is a bit difficult to take a big step. Because eEnterprise do not have a lot of basic research, there is also not a large number of concentric related technical service, so this time we came here to get more of stuff. We have demand for these following four pints:

1.To seek the lateral span of technology for knows technology. For example, technology A can be used on A direction, but whether it can be used on B direction or C direction? we don't know, so we have demand on known technology.

2.To seek the depth of technology for known technology which contains unknown technology, for example we know technology A can be used on A direction, but we don't have technology A or we don't have deep enough grasp of this technology.

3.Mining potential for unknown technology which contains known technology, we hold some technology, but we only can use it to cook the boiled eggs, in the course of this discussion, to know our technology can be manufactured to shuttle(just a joke),this is what we don't know before, this is also a gain.

4.The unknown technology which is disruptive breakthrough technology and even can change the direction of industry is the most important aim for this visit. For example, LCD replaced the CRT industry, digital replaced film imaging, MP3 replaced tape storage, electric vehicles; we hope to be able to get the maximum benefits.



Picture three(President Zhang participated in seminar)

 With pragmatic and cooperative spirit of this event, combine with pre-collection,Thermal convection solar vacuum tube water heater filling and packing technology; Endless Rope Series tractor power sheave pressure off the main problem and five technical requirement, at last visited the university research baseband made in-depth exchanging and docking with science and technology department of Hunan university.

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