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Solar radiant heating with heat storage phase change materials

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Low-temperature floor radiant heating is a more advanced and comfortable form of heating. This heating form has been widely used in western developed countries, and its application in China is becoming more and more extensive. With the development of China's social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, more comfortable forms of floor radiant heating will be more and more accepted and used by people. Solar floor radiant heating is a system in which the collected solar energy is used as a heat source to heat the ground through coils laid in the floor.

In the process of phase transformation itself, the phase change material can absorb the heat (cold) amount of the environment and release the heat (cold) amount to the environment when needed, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling the ambient temperature. The phase change material is combined with the building envelope structure to form a phase change energy storage enclosure structure for the indoor temperature control of the building. The phase change energy storage enclosure structure can greatly increase the heat storage effect of the enclosure structure, so that the heat flow fluctuation between the indoor and outdoor buildings is weakened and the action time is delayed (as shown in Figure 1), thereby improving the building's Temperature self-adjusting ability and improved indoor environment for energy saving and comfort.

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