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Solar floor radiant heating

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Solar floor radiant heating systems usually consist of solar collectors, storage tanks, underground heating coils, water separators, water collectors, circulating water pumps, auxiliary heat sources, etc. Among them, underground heating coils and their supporting radiant heating floors are Unique to solar floor radiant heating systems.


solar floor radiant heating advantages

First, the most comfortable heating method (foot warm head cool)

Second, high efficiency, energy saving, low operating costs (heat medium low temperature transmission, low interior design temperature)

Third, environmental protection, health, health care (radiation heat transfer, reduce dust and bacteria flow)

Fourth, no area occupied (compared with radiator heating)

Five, long service life (more than 50 years)

Sixth, reduce floor noise (insulation of insulation)

Seven, a wide range of applications

Eight, can achieve household control and heat metering charges

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