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Peak period of shipment ——17 containers delivered on the same day

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After the Lantern Festival, our company welcomes the peak period of shipment. Today, there are 17 containers which filled with our products departure from our company. Starting from 9:00 am, the containers arrived at the company one after the other. The loading area was a little bit crowded with these container cars.

  Under such sluggish situation in the whole industry, our company keeps writing myth in this industry and keeps this strength continue to Year 2017. After a week’s work after the Spring Festival, the order is scheduling to June. Both foreign trade and domestic trade department shows great growth trend. In the meantime of increasing volume of production, our company also keeps a close eye on quality issue. Just as our president Mr Townway Zhang values that only ensure the delivery time and quality of our products can we attract and retain customers.

  Our company goes upstream and gets a flying start. We believe that we will have good grades this year.  


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