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One million fund to help entrepreneurship, a warm-hearted love to students

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On the morning of 20th February 2016, Changzhou NLD(National League For Democracy) economy 2nd branch entrepreneurs chairman Townway Zhang donated millions of fund to help college students start a business. Changzhou Airport Industrial Park organized and held the annual meeting of chamber of Commerce as entrepreneurs spring forum meeting, also held at the same time the Sunpower millions of fund donation certification ceremony. Mr.Townway was also donated grants to the poor students .


As Chairman of Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Junior Chamber president of Luoxi Town, chairman of Changzhou NLD economic 2nd branch, Townway said, every member leaguer and entrepreneur not only have a passion for social construction and development, but also have a sense of mission. As a member leaguer entrepreneur, Mr.Townway actively participate in public welfare activities of the NLD. He has represented Changzhou NLP economic 2nd branches donated 200,000yuan of solar water heaters to changzhou deaf-mutes students school, which solve the problem of no hot water taking bathing for above 200 students and teachers.   

While leading the enterprises continue to develop and innovate, he also fulfill the social responsibility as a member of Changzhou NLD. Prior this donation to assist students entrepreneurship,

2008.5 Wenchuan earthquake donation 62100yuan, sunpower was honored as "earthquake relief love enterprises"

2009.6  Donate 500,000yuan worth of solar water heaters to Changzhou City Charity 


2010.11 During Students appliance service industry entrepreneurship competition, experience sharing and funding 600,000yuan.

2011 Sponsored 30,000yuan to help adolescents quit internet-addiction in Liyang Changzhou.

2012 100,000yuan donation to the charity fund of Luoxi Town, 300,00yuan donation to the Xixiashu Town for light installing and road repairing.

2013 50,000 donation to the Youth Enterprise Association Charity Fund

2014.4 Donated 200,000yuan solar water heaters to Changzhou Deaf-mutes School

2015 10,000 donation to Luoxi League help needy students 

Donate music instruments to Shanxi School through changzhou music broadcast.

Both economic returns and social benefits are important, it is always easy to say but hard to do. But Sunpower dozens of years like a day to do charity care for vulnerable groups, repay to the society. This kind of social responsibility is already rooted in the sunpower corporation culture and infiltrate into the blood of every sunpower staff subtly. Because of adhering to the concept of social returns, sunpower win the high praise of the society and it is with this force, sunpower will bring a bright future step by step.

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