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Design of solar heating system in typical village and town house in cold area

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The effective utilization of solar energy in villages and towns is closely related to the climatic zone and the architectural form.


In this paper, the index of solar energy resources division (solar radiation 4200 ~ 5400MJ / (m2 · a), is a typical cold and climatic area of Shenyang City, under the jurisdiction of typical forms of village and town as an example, according to the local township economic income and typical construction area (Structure 1), heating system are designed.

The solar heating system considers two heating modes: indoor heating design temperature of 18℃ (standard type) and interior design temperature of 10℃ (basic type) , So that residents can choose one according to their own economic conditions, and through economic analysis come to the first program, the second option in the use of local solar energy economic differences.


China is rich in solar energy resources, annual average solar radiation in 3340 ~ 8400MJ / m2, annual sunshine hours over 2200h area accounts for about 2/3 of the country's land area [1]. At the same time, our country has a vast territory, diverse climates, and varied architectural forms that vary in different regions, climates and lifestyles. In this paper, a typical residential area of Dongling District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, which is a typical residential area in the Dongling District of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, is under the category of index III of solar energy resources (solar radiation 4200 ~ 5400 MJ / (m2 · a) thermal heating system design.


1. Basic overview of a typical building

The building selected in this design is a typical architectural form of Shenyang. The bottom adopts the traditional layout to meet the preferences of the elderly for the traditional environment. In order to make rational use of solar energy, the rooms of the main functions are arranged in the south, taking full advantage of solar energy, increasing the south-facing window area, and adding sunshine to the winter. In the form of combination.


2. Heat load

2.1. life hot water load

According to "Building Water Supply and Drainage Design Code" GB50015-2003 stipulates that when there is a centralized hot water supply and bathing equipment in residential buildings, the maximum daily water quota per person per day is 60-100L.

According to the "Design Guideline for Building Water Supply and Drainage" GB50015-2003, the hot water supply temperature in the hot water system should be controlled at 55-60℃. Temperature exceeds 60℃, pipe scaling and corrosion, temperature below 55℃, not easy to kill a variety of bacteria in the water. However, the thermal efficiency of the solar collector under the condition of low temperature is high, and when the hot water outlet temperature is 45℃, the thermal efficiency is the highest.

2.2 heating heat load

In order to meet the requirements of building thermal comfort under different economic conditions, the solar heating system has two basic heating modes, namely, standard type with indoor heating design temperature of 18℃ and indoor temperature of 10℃, respectively, were designed.


3 solar system design

3.1 collector selection

Flat-panel type is cheap and easy to combine with the building, and the maintenance cost is low. However, when the ambient temperature is below zero, antifreeze should be considered. In the heat, the summer plate slightly higher than the vacuum tube type, over the season flat, in the northern winter is lower than the vacuum tube, so the plate-type heat less than all-glass vacuum tube collector.

3.2 heat collection area to determine

3.3 auxiliary heat source

Due to the impact of the weather, solar energy system has great uncertainty, in order to ensure the reliability of the solar heating system, we must design an auxiliary heat source.


4 System Economic Analysis


Through the above analysis, you can know that to design a solar heating system in typical village and town house in cold area, you need to consider a variety of factors, and then make the best decision.

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