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Customer from Kenya visit Sunpower solar water heaters factory

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 Customer from Kenya visit Sunpower solar water heaters factory

On 15th,October,customer from Kenya visit Sunpower solar water heaters factory,firstly customer introduced his company background,they are mainly doing solar water heater and PV business,PV is imported from china, and solar water heater business has engaged in more than twenty years,and purchases from local,now they purchase from a company called sunpower in local for about 4*40HQ container quantity every year,also they become bigger and bigger,customer told us that he has beard good quality from sunpower,solar water heaters price is very competitive,even he thought sunpower solar hot  water factory  in kenya is our distributor,butafter they visit us and our introduction they realized that sunpower solar water heaters and solar thermal collector from kenya is different from us factory,just ther are subtle difference in logo.

Complete with customer to visit  solar water heating system workshop,customer is amazed at our scale and quality include our products,he told me that our quality is much higher than sunpower in kenya,now he is interested in galvanized steel type non-pressure solar water heating system and flat panel system 150L and 200L,then we talked about his detailed requirement of tank and other things,also he is satisfied with our quotation,and expressed his willingness to cooperate with us,so after his return ,we will confirm the order.

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