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Chile customer visit Sunpower solar water heaters factory in china

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Chile customer visit Sunpower solar water heaters factory in china

October 14th, Sunpower very honored to receive customer visit from Chile.Further investigation solar water heater manufacturing plant and suppliers.

After visiting solar hot water factory, customers expressed product manufacturing process and the quality is very satisfied, he emphasized the importance of quality control, he said that we did a such good job on the quality of management and control, requires us to continue to make high quality products. Finally, the Chilean customer place orders to the Sunpower.

During the conversation, it is easily to see the Chilean guest request high quality requirements of products, which in the orders he gave sunpower requirements are fully reflected out. His product requirements are higher than the standards of our country, then the question is, Which is the strongest solar water heater technology, of course sunpower. At the same time, it is precisely because of our excellent strength and higher than industry standards to meet his demands, which finalized bilateral cooperation.

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