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Another masterpiece of sunpower- Top three in solar industry exports

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Changzhou modern media center through the completion and acceptance of solar hot water project and officially put into use

With the strong support of company's leadership and the joint efforts of all members of the project team for more than one year,Changzhou Modern Media Center Apartment solar hot water system project was successfully completed on November 26, 2013, one-time though the inspection and acceptance,the system was put into operation,all the operating parameters  meet and exceed the design requirements,won the praise of the owners , the famous international hotel management group Marriott International and the community.

Changzhou modern Media Center is located in the north of Changzhou administrative center,where the concentration of radio, television , Internet sites and other media , film and television production , animation production and other cultural and creative enterprises , the formation of the influential cultural industry base.The total investment is about 2.8 billion,the total height of the main tower is 333meter,it is the highest building in changzhou currently,and the landmark in changzhou。

    This solar water heater system project has the following major features:

1、Innovation design:Changzhou modern media center solar water heater system is optimized design on the basis of Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Group ,adopt a new design concept and technology and win the internal praise of shanghai mordern architectural design group;

2、Experts strict trial:In the design phase of the project , materials procurement phase , construction phase, completion and acceptance stages thsi project through critical review of expert group who works in Bayshore Construction Engineering Technology Consulting Co., Ltd and works with senior international experience in accordance with international standards of scrutiny;

3、Humane management:This project uses the most advanced  PLC control managetment system,achieve a fully automated unmanned,remote control functions。The duty officer just need monitor the operation of parameters in the control room.And this set of solar system integrates antifreeze,anti-high tempeture,thermal expansion of buffer,safety relief,automatic replenishment cycle of media and some multiple security technologies;

4、High tempeture protection:The project use a high-temprature ultra-low decibel automatic thermostat cooling for the first time in the industry,and precent over-temperature phenomena effectively in summer.this system truly achieved the powerful advantage of accident-free,maintenance-free,afterservice-free.

5、Quality assurance:the collector used our company's most advanced U-pipe vacuum tube collector and many international brands,Swedish Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, Germany Ville pumps, valves Banff , Canada , Rui Shibo force seeking electric valve, static balance ICV Denmark , South Korea's POSCO Stainless Steel , Honeywell PLC control systems

The enormous social influence of changzhou highest builiding,the new ergonomic design technology,good quality construction and the quality of international brands makes the project become a model in regional solar project.


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