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What can residential solar water heater use for

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Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy in the world today, and its use is becoming more widespread. Of course, the most used is the residential solar water heater. The water of a residential solar water heater can be used for bathing, bowling, washing clothes, and the like. They have reduced the use of other fuels to heat the water, protecting the environment, and at the same time reducing the burden on people due to the nature of their work.


This is the content table of the article:

1. Definition

2. Effect

3. Working principle


What is residential solar water heater? 

Residential solar water heaters are heating devices that convert solar energy into heat energy, heating water from low temperature to high temperature to meet the hot water use of people in life and production. It is divided into vacuum tube solar water heaters and flat panel solar water heaters according to the structure, mainly based on vacuum tube solar water heaters, accounting for 95% of the domestic market share. The vacuum tube type solar water heater is composed of heat collecting tubes, water storage tanks and brackets and other related parts. The conversion of solar energy into heat energy mainly depends on the vacuum heat collecting tube, and the vacuum collecting tube uses the principle of hot water floating on the cold water sinking to make the water generate microcirculation. Hot water required.


What can residential solar water heater use for?

Residential solar water heaters are no noise, no pollution, no poisoning, etc., reliable installation, low carbon and environmental protection. The self-technical treatment process is high, the heat transfer performance is good, and the hot water output is large, which is suitable for many people in the family. In the cold winter, the solar water heater has strong anti-freezing ability. In the summer, the large-scale installation of solar energy can also insulate the floor. In the good weather of the sun, you can take a hot bath without spending any fuel, and if you are cold, you can wash clothes and wash dishes in the winter, so you can not be devastated by cold water.


Residential solar water heater working principle

① The heat absorption process of the flat-plate solar water heater is relatively simple. The solar radiation passes through the glass cover plate, and the heat energy is absorbed by the heat collecting plate and transmitted to the water in the heat absorbing tube along the ribs and the pipe wall.

② The collector plate of the vacuum tube solar water heater is composed of many vacuum heat collecting tubes, just like many slender thermos bottles side by side. The inner and outer layers of the vacuum tube are vacuumed, and the outer surface of the inner tube is coated with a special material, which can effectively absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into heat energy and conduct it to the water inside the tube. By utilizing the principle of cold water ratio and small proportion of hot water, a natural convection cycle between the heat absorbing pipe and the heat preservation water tank forms cold water and a hot water rise, and the water in the water tank gradually becomes hot. By storing hot water in the insulated water tank, people can be guaranteed to use hot water at any time. The hot water or cold water is delivered as needed through the connecting pipe to form a closed loop. Through the control system display and fully automatic control of water temperature and water level, it can also prevent the vacuum tube from bursting after a high temperature air drying and sudden injection of cold water. The mainframe bracket supports the heat collecting plate and the heat insulating water tank, and is also used to adjust the angle between the heat collecting plate and the ground plane to form an optimal tilt angle, so that the solar water heater heat collecting plate can obtain the maximum sun energy.



Residential solar water heaters need to cooperate with each other in architecture, structure and water supply and drainage, so that building components and system equipment can be coordinated and harmonious. It does not generate noise or environmental pollution, it does not pose a risk of poisoning, it is very reliable to install, low carbon and environmentally friendly.


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