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The development of solar energy utilization technologies

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The development of solar energy utilization technologies


Due to increasing human demand for energy, the growing shortage of conventional energy sources, rising oil prices, global warming and environmental pressures, all countries in the world have shifted their strategic focus to renewable energy for the sake of energy security and the sustainable development of human society. Solar energy is the most ideal renewable energy, with the advantages of being clean and pollution-free, having huge and inexhaustible total radiation power.


The development and utilization of solar energy are important measures for the sustainable development of human society. The history of human use of solar energy is very long, the most mature technology of solar thermal utilization in low temperature applications. The basic method of solar thermal utilization is the conversion of solar radiation into thermal energy using photothermal conversion materials.


The generated heat of solar can be applied to heating, drying, distillation, cooking and industrial and agricultural production in various fields, and for solar thermal power generation, air conditioning and refrigeration, pyrolysis of hydrogen. At present, solar energy water heaters, solar cookers and solar houses are widely used in the field of solar energy heat utilization which is mature in technology and widely used, of which solar water heaters are the most widely used.


China's solar water heater production and application began in the late 1970s, after decades of development, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer water heater. With the development of science and technology and the pressure of energy crisis, people are more expecting to obtain higher grade energy from the sun and expand their applications to medium and high temperature applications.


Advanced solar energy utilization technologies such as solar power generation, solar hydrogen production and solar desalination have become current and future research, development and utilization of solar energy the main direction. Due to the dispersion of solar energy resources, the study of high-performance materials and energy transfer and other factors, advanced technologies of solar thermal utilization are not widely used in social practice. However, the application of solar heating system and heat pipe solar collector is widely used in the world.


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The development of cermet solar heat absorbing film


The medium and high temperature cermet solar heat absorbing film is the core material of solar thermal utilization, so the development of medium and high temperature cermet solar heat absorbing film is very important.


The peak value of solar radiation intensity is mainly distributed in the visible and near-infrared region with the wavelength of 0.3-2.5μm. Researchers also use both internal and external factors to improve the light absorption efficiency of the cermet coating. For a particular nanocrystalline metal, a specific frequency spectrum can be absorbed (internal). At the same time, in order to improve the absorption of other frequency spectra, the thickness of the film can be precisely controlled to make it interfere with the visible light (external factor).


However, in the field of high temperature, the application of the structure of the metal ceramic membrane is particularly difficult. This is mainly due to the higher operating temperature leading to diffusion of the elements between the coatings, which in turn destroys the coating's interference with light and leads to a substantial reduction in the light absorption properties of the cermet coating. Therefore, the poor thermal stability of the light-to-heat conversion performance severely restricts the development of selective absorption coatings for medium and high temperature cermets.


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