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Solar Hot Water System Design In High-rise Buildings

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Solar energy, as the main content of renewable energy applications in buildings, has gained more and more people's recognition and attention. Due to the limited land resources, optimized design of solar hot water system for middle and high-rise residential buildings has become an urgent problem to be solved in the solar energy industry.


Now, the high-rise residential solar water heating system design need to be improved from following aspects:


1. High-rise residential solar water heating system

Technical aspects

The choice of solar collector installation location and installation location of water tank equipment

The choice of water supply system

Management issues of solar hot water system

Need to balance of interests between developers, property and users


2. Centralized heat collection, centralized design optimization of thermal storage system

Equipment installation. Including collector type, size and installation location and storage tank equipment location

Water supply system design optimization

The rational design of solar hot water system size


3. Centralized heat collection, household heat storage system design optimization

Collector installation

Auxiliary Energy Types and Water Supply Systems

Heat collection system rationalization design, including collector system operation control program, heat pipe system heat and pressure balance issues.


We also offer you the following tips of solar hot water system design

1. High-rise residential solar hot water system, from a purely technical point of view, it is recommended to use centralized heat collection, household heat storage form;

2. In the 28 layers in the middle and high-rise residential, the roof of the solar collector installation, the construction capacity to meet the entire building domestic hot water supply;

3. In a centralized system, solar water tanks and equipment should be installed at the top of the floor, to achieve the least heat loss;

4. The choice of auxiliary energy. It is generally recommended to use gas type, in order to minimize system operating costs;

5. Water supply system optimization design, while ensuring water quality and temperature, should minimize system circulation, reduce heat loss and operating costs, the general proposal to use variable frequency water supply, stratified decompression, backwater cycle in the form of water supply to the end of the user does not affect the minimum temperature prevail supply.


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