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Sunpower Solar single water heater series engineering considerations

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The main advantages of solar single-series series-parallel system are easy installation, natural circulation of the system, stable and efficient heat collecting effect, and the number of solar single-units can be increased when the unit staff increases the amount of hot water, but the following points should be noted for the single-machine project.

Solar single-machine series-parallel system, the main advantage is easy installation, natural circulation of the system, stable and efficient heat collecting effect, and the number of solar single-machines can be increased when the unit staff increases the amount of hot water, but the single-machine project should also pay attention to the following points:

A. The series and parallel hot water project should not be too large

Because it consists of a single unit of non-pressured domestic water heaters, series and parallel groups, I think that the water volume of each group should not exceed 7-8 tons, and the capacity of single unit should be as large as possible, which can reduce installation cost and reduce surface heat dissipation. Quantity, low cost. If the actual situation requires a large amount of water, consider dividing the total water consumption into several groups. Each group is composed of a single system, and multiple groups are combined into one overall system. This design has the following advantages: the level of each group is easy to adjust; the single-tube water heater does not affect other groups; it can be supplemented by electricity or other energy sources to reduce the heating power; the water can be extended simultaneously or alternately. Water supply period.

B. Adjust the level between the same group

Whether it is a flat roof or a sloping roof house, the series level should be adjusted first when doing the series and parallel hot water project. It is best to ensure that the overall level difference is within 20 mm. If there is no measuring level instrument on site, a transparent section can be used. The plastic piped water replaces the level meter, and the practical application effect is good. After the level is found, the orientation of the pump group should also be determined. Unlike a single water heater, the group orientation is limited by many factors and is not easy to adjust. Just south is just the target.

C. The connection method is optimized as much as possible

When the number of single groups in each group does not need too many connecting pipelines, it is better to use parallel, less or no series, and leave enough maintenance space between the stations. This way the water flow resistance is balanced and minimal. When multiple rows of solar water heaters are juxtaposed, as far as possible, no shielding or less shielding. In order to reduce the front and rear blocking lights, it is more advantageous to use a solar water heater with a slightly lower height.

D. Pipeline design and installation

If the project is large, the customer requires a large amount of water supply, long time, and high frequency, should use independent inlet and outlet pipes to get on and off. On the inlet pipe, if the tap water pressure is too large, the valve is used to limit the flow rate and flow rate to ensure that each group of solar water heaters is balanced with water, so that there is a fast and unbalanced water level in the water. If the water pressure is too low, the booster pump water supply should be installed in parallel with the water supply solenoid valve.

E. Hot water pipe design and installation

Generally, the water supply pipe adopts the natural drop type water discharge. When the return water pressure is less than 0.5kg/cm2, the hot water booster pump should be installed. The water capacity of the system should be comprehensively considered, the water point, the water flow rate and the flow rate to determine the water supply pipe.

The size of the diameter is too thick and wastes the material. The flow rate is too small and the shower effect is not good. If the water supply pipe is too long and there is too much cold water, it can also be designed as a pipe circulation system. In actual operation, the water can be pressurized, the water supply is pressurized, and the three system functions of the pipeline circulation are completed by one water pump, and the attachment can be achieved by adding a little attachment.

F. Primary and secondary pipe material selection

Generally, there are many PPRs in the main pipeline materials for water supply and drainage. It has been proved that it has the advantages of economy, good frost resistance, easy construction and heat preservation effect, no corrosion, hygienic, beautiful appearance and low attachment price. When designing the pipeline, the water supply part should have valves, filter valves, solenoid valves, check valves, etc. Valves should be installed on the trunk and branches of the water supply for easy maintenance.

G. Intelligent control system should be advanced

Generally, both large and small projects should be equipped with a series of parallel special engineering control cabinet systems. Implement automatic and unattended intelligent control. Because of the high requirements for general engineering water, it is necessary to save energy and require more hot water for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a fixed-temperature water-type control cabinet with limited investment and fixed capacity. It’s wise, and the general price is not high.

In the case of electric auxiliary heating, in principle, more than three water heaters are powered by a three-phase power supply and are star-connected. For each group of series, only one water temperature probe is placed in a representative water tank. The highest water level of the probe should be lower than the lowest point of the tank overflow tube. In addition, the intelligent control system should also have overheat protection, overcurrent protection, and leakage protection. It is particularly worth mentioning that in the cold regions of the north, it may be particularly important to have the function of frying tube protection without running water. The bigger the project, the more so.

H. Pay attention to safety matters

Even if there is a pipeline antifreeze cycle function in the system, it is best to configure the electric tropical freezing system in the north, just in case. The system lightning protection grounding should be good, and the lightning rod setting should follow the requirements of relevant departments. The electrical part of the entire hot water system should have good grounding.


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