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Something you should know before buying a solar water heater

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Something you should know before buying a solar water heater

Solar water heater working principle

The solar water heater is composed of tank and solar collector connected to tank. Solar water heaters convert sunlight into heat to heat water. This conversion is mainly accomplished by solar collectors. The sun-facing solar collector collects heat from the sun and heating the flowing cold water. Under the principle of gravity (the density of hot water is lower than that of cold water), the cold water is heated circularly. Once the heated hot water cools to a low temperature, the heating cycle starts again. The heated water will be stored for use when needed.

Advantages of solar water heater

1. The solar water heater is friendly to the environment. It helps people reduce carbon footprint by using renewable energy like sunlight and so on, and realizes the aim of protecting the earth finally. In some areas, tax incentives may be available for using renewable energy.

2. The solar water heater is cost-saving. Compared with the traditional heating raw materials like fossil oil and woods, the cost for sunlight or electricity is lower, which helps people reduce their living cost.

3. The solar water heater has various sizes for choose. Various sizes can match different people’s need. A 50-gallon storage tank is fine for two people, an 80-gallon tank for up to three or four people. If your have many family members, you can buy a larger one.

4. The solar water heater needs less space. Compared with the the traditional heating equipment, the solar water heater can be installed on the roof or open ground, and any where you think is convenient.

5. The solar water heater has long lifetime. One solar water heater can run for up to 20 years traditionally. During the process of using, you don’t need pay special attention to it. Most of companies provide after-sales service for their products, when the solar water heater doesn’t work, you can tell them for maintenance.

6. The solar water heater has high efficiency. During the process of heating water, about 80 percent of the sun’s radiation is turned into the heat energy,which matches the need of obtaining hot water at home.

Solar water heater prices

A 50-gallon storage solar water heater for 2 people               $200

A 80-gallon storage solar water heater for 3-4 people             $380

A 100-gallon storage solar water heater for 5-6 people            $500

solar water heater installation

1. Take out the bracket, connect the barrel bracket and the bracing part with screw, then connect the back bracing part, the back inclined plane, the side bracket surface and other fixed bracing bars, and finally connect the tube bracket and four feet.

2. Place the bracket in the installation position, and the foot position of the bracket should be lower than the horizontal position of the bracket foot.

3. Place the water tank on the bracket, remove the bottom nut, slide the bottom screw of the barrel into the reserved slot of the barrel bracket, and tighten the nuts which are just removed, but do not tighten them.

4. Take out the vacuum collector tube, apply a small amount of lubricant at the opening of the tube, put the dust-proof ring on it, then push it into the hole of the water tank, then slightly fall it back to the pipe bracket, push the joint of the dust-proof ring down along the hole of the barrel, and then install all collector tube brackets in turn.

5. Tighten all the screws and connect the pipes.

6. Connect the indoor water pipes.


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