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How to maintain the Sunpower solar water heater on the balcony wall

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balcony wall-mounted solar water heater

The balcony wall-mounted solar collector is the basic component of solar low-temperature heat utilization, and has always been the leading product in the world solar market. Balcony wall-mounted collectors have been widely used in many fields such as domestic water heating, swimming pool heating, industrial water heating, building heating and air conditioning. The solar water heater of the balcony wall is simple in structure, reliable in operation, low in cost, low in heat flow density, that is, the temperature of the working medium is also low, safe and reliable, and has a strong pressure bearing capacity and a large heat absorption area compared with the vacuum tube solar collector. It is the best choice for integrating solar energy with architecture. Nowadays, solar water heaters have become a popular way to obtain hot water. Generally, solar water heaters for household balcony wall-mounted solar water heaters can be used for many years. What maintenance and care should we pay attention to when using them? How to make it last longer?

1.  There are obstructions above or around the water heater or local air smoke and dust, and the surface of the collector is dusty. Treatment method: remove the obstruction or re-select the installation location. In areas with serious pollution, users should wipe the solar energy regularly.

2.  The water supply valve is not tightly closed, and the tap water (cold water) will cause the water temperature to drop due to the hot water in the water tank. Treatment: Repair or replace the water supply valve.

3.  In order to ensure the normal use of the water heater, the safety valve should be maintained at least once a month to ensure the normal pressure relief of the safety valve.

4. The upper and lower pipes leak. Treatment: Replace the line valve or fitting.

5. Regularly discharge the system to prevent blockage of the pipeline; clean the water tank to ensure clean water. When draining, as long as the water supply is normal, open the drain valve and drain the clean water to the drain valve.

6. For the balcony wall-mounted solar water heater, regularly remove the dust and dirt on the transparent cover of the solar collector, and keep the cover clean to ensure a high light transmittance. Cleaning work should be carried out in the early morning or evening when the sunshine is not strong and the temperature is low, to prevent the transparent cover from being shattered by cold water. Pay attention to check whether the transparent cover is damaged. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

7. Inspect and inspect all pipes, valves, float valves, solenoid valves, connecting hoses, etc. for leaks, and if so, repair them in time.

8.  Prevent Insolation. The circulatory system stop circulation is called suffocating, which will cause the internal temperature of the collector to rise, damage the coating, deform the insulation layer of the box, break the glass and so on. The cause of sunburn may be the clogging of circulation line, the shortage of cold water supply in natural circulation system, the lower water level in hot water tank than the upper circulation pipe, and the shutdown of circulation pump in forced circulation system. Regularly clean the inner tank. When it is used for a long time, the trace water and minerals contained in the water will precipitate for a long time. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will affect the water quality and service life.

9. Regularly clean the inner tank. When it is used for a long time, the trace water and minerals contained in the water will precipitate for a long time. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will affect the water quality and service life.

10. Regular inspections not less than once a year, carefully checking and eliminating safety performance and other potential hidden dangers.

11. When not in use for a long time, turn off the power and drain the water in the liner.

12. When the water is in the water, the water outlet must be opened. After the air in the inner tank is completely discharged, it can be checked whether the water is full.

13. An all-weather hot water system equipped with an auxiliary heat source should be regularly checked for the normal operation of the auxiliary heat source unit and the heat exchanger. For the auxiliary heat source is the heating of the electric heating tube, it is necessary to ensure that the leakage protection device works reliably before use, otherwise it cannot be used.

14. When the air temperature in winter is lower than 0 ℃, the wall-mounted system of the balcony shall drain the water in the heat collector and install the forced circulation system with the function of the anti-freezing control system, and only the anti-freezing system shall be started, and the water in the system shall not be drained.

15.  For your health, the water in the solar water heater is best not to eat, because the water in the collector can not be completely released, easy to breed bacteria.

16.  How to extend the life: In order to extend the service life of solar water heaters, users should pay attention to the use of water heaters. After the water heaters are installed and fixed, non-professionals should not easily move or unload them to avoid damage to key components. In order to eliminate the hidden danger of impacting the vacuum tube, check the vent hole regularly to ensure smooth flow, so as not to swell or pump the water tank. When cleaning the vacuum tube regularly, be careful not to damage the tip end of the vacuum tube. The solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating device should be special. Pay attention to the water and prevent dry burning.

17. Baoding balcony wall-mounted solar water heaters need to be cleaned, inspected and disinfected every year and a half to two years. Users can ask professional cleaning companies to clean them. Usually, they can do some disinfection work themselves. For example, users can buy some chlorine. The disinfectant is poured into the water inlet, so that it is soaked for a period of time, and then released, which can play a certain disinfection and sterilization effect.

18.  It is strictly forbidden to operate the electrical parts with wet hands. The power supply is cut off before bathing. It is strictly forbidden to use the leakage protection plug as a switch. The electrical parts are strictly prohibited from starting frequently.

19. The control valve of all the hot and cold water mixing places in the room must be hit with cold water or hot water when not in use to avoid the phenomenon of water in the water.

20. When discharging water to the bathtub, do not use the shower head to prevent the shower head from being burnt. When not at home for a long time, be sure to turn off the tap water and the indoor power supply. (When the water and electricity is turned off, the water heater can be filled up)


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