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How to choose the correct solar water heater

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Solar energy is the main source of energy for our planet, because it is responsible for providing energy for plant growth and warmth to make our planet habitable. Solar water heaters use solar energy to generate heat and then heat water for showers, space heating, industrial processes, and even solar cooling. So solar water heaters are one of the most effective ways to reduce household carbon footprint by reducing dependence on dirty fossil fuels. By offsetting the use of electricity, natural gas or heating oil, the use of solar water heaters can also save money by reducing energy costs. There are many kinds of solar water heaters, according to water pressure, there are pressure-bearing solar water heaters and non-pressure solar water heaters. Then, how to correctly select the pressurized solar water heater and the non-pressure solar water heater , the following makes a brief analysis of this.


The main points are as follows:

◕ High-Pressure Solar Water Heateroverview

◕ Advantages and disadvantages of high-Pressure Solar Water Heater

◕ Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater overview

◕ Advantages and disadvantages of non-pressure solar water heater


Summary of high pressure solar water heaters

Pressure water heater is called phase change heat conduction full pressure solar water heater. Phase change heat collector consists of vacuum tube, phase change heat pipe and aluminum fin. Because of the threaded connection between the phase change heat pipe and the water tank, and there is no liquid in the vacuum pipe, it can withstand pressure.

Because the outlet water of the solar water heater is pressure, the pressure water heater generally works in the top water type, but not necessarily in the confined water tank.


Pros and nors of high-pressure solar water heater

⒈ Advantages


❶ Superconducting heat pipe in pressurized solar water heater is one-way heat transfer, because the heat capacity is small, so its starting temperature is relatively low, so the temperature rise is very fast, and the superconducting heat pipe has a strong low temperature resistance, even in very low temperature environment will not be frozen.


❷ The inner liner of the pressurized water tank is welded by high frequency welding, which can be directly connected with the water system and run automatically.


❸ The inner part of the vacuum tube of the pressurized solar water heater will not walk, which greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the product, and the vacuum tube will not be frozen in cold weather.


❹ The pressurized solar water heater can still operate normally even if the single pipe is broken.


❺ Pressure-bearing solar water heater is fully automatic pressure-bearing operation, very convenient.


⒉ Disadvantages


❶ Pressure water heater installed because of the larger area, so for the floor has a certain role in insulation.


❷ Because the water pipe of the pressurized water heater is very long, it wastes a lot of water every time it is used.


❸ Pressure water heater must be sunny all day to heat water, so it can not guarantee that hot water can be used at any time, and the degree of comfort in this respect is relatively poor.


❸ The lighting board of the pressurized solar water heater must be installed on the roof, but the installation on the roof will affect the overall aesthetics of the building, especially in the more upscale areas, and may damage the waterproof layer of the roof over a long period of time.


❹ For the photoelectric complementarity, in fact, the pressurized solar water heater has not achieved very well.


Summary of Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater

Non-pressure solar water heater is called all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater. Since vacuum collectors and water tanks are sealed by sealing rings, they cannot withstand pressure. Ordinary solar water heaters belong to non-pressure solar water heater . Its water tank has a pipe connecting with the atmosphere. It uses the height difference between the roof and the home to generate pressure when using water.


Pros and nors of non-pressure solar water heater

⒈ Advantages


❶ Water shutdown is used as usual with high efficiency and long service life.


❷ Energy saving.


⒉ Disadvantages


❶ It has very low water pressure in the bath, so it is very uncomfortable in the bath.


❷ Water will be stored in the vacuum tube of non-pressurized water heater, which will cause heat loss and easy to blow up in winter.


❸ Water temperature is low first and then high.


❹ If you live on the roof of a building, it will lead to low water pressure.



In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of the pressurized solar water heater and the non-pressure solar water heater are summarized. As the demand for hot water for urban and rural residents in China is growing rapidly, solar water heaters have become an important means to improve people's living quality and build a well-off society in rural areas and small and medium-sized cities. With the development of medium and high temperature solar water heaters and the increasingly perfect integration of solar energy and building technology, the application field of solar water heaters is no longer limited to providing hot water, but gradually to the direction of heating, refrigeration, drying and industrial applications. So the market potential of solar water heater in China is huge.


Please choose the pressure solar water heater or the non-pressure solar water heater according to your needs. I hope this article can guide you to understand solar water heaters and non-pressure solar water heaters . If you have any questions in the selection process, please let us know in time. We are glad to serve you.


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