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How Heat Pipe Solar Collectors Work

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Are you afraid of energy exhaustion? Can you imagine that without all kinds of energy, what will human life become? As the population base expands, many non-renewable energy sources are depleted. After discovering that people have discovered solar energy, it has been widely used as a renewable green energy source. Heat pipe solar collectors are one of them. So how does it work to facilitate humans?

This article will tell you the following points:

  • What heat pipe solar collector is

  • The structure of heat pipe solar collector

  • Working principle and schematic

  • Summary


1. What heat pipe solar collector is

The heat pipe solar collector is a kind of solar collector. The solar radiation energy converted into heat energy is transferred to the built-in heat pipe through the high absorption rate solar selective absorption film, and a small amount of working medium in the evaporation end of the heat pipe is quickly vaporized. The vaporized working fluid rises to the condensation end of the heat pipe, so that the condensation end is rapidly heated, and the heat conducting block (or the heat conducting sleeve) on the collector tube absorbs the heat of the condensation end to heat the fluid in the collecting pipe. Common heat pipe solar collectors are mainly divided into four types: heat pipe flat type solar collector, heat pipe vacuum tube type solar collector, separation heat pipe vacuum tube type solar collector and concentrating type heat pipe type vacuum solar collector.

2. The structure of heat pipe solar collector

The heat pipe type collector is composed of a super heat pipe, an aluminum wing, a heat collecting tube, a joint incubator, a frame and the like.

The heat pipe type heat collecting tube functions to convert solar radiation energy into heat energy, and the function of the super heat pipe is to quickly and effectively transfer the heat of the heat pipe condensation section to the heat transfer medium in the collecting pipe. In order to make the collector to be subjected to high-temperature baking for a long time, to achieve the desired use effect, the thermal insulation material is prepared by the composite thermal insulation of silicate cotton and polyurethane, and the whole foaming method is used to fill the incubator, and the operation process can be effectively controlled. Heat loss in the heat. The joint incubator is made of aluminum alloy as the main material and has a surface sprayed structure.

3. Working principle and schematic

1) How heat pipes work

A typical heat pipe is composed of a casing, a wick, and an end cap, and the inside of the tube is drawn into a negative pressure of 1. 3X (10 minus 1, 11 to 10 minus 4) Pa, and then filled with an appropriate amount of working liquid so as to be in close contact with the inner wall of the tube. The wicking core; the fine porous material is filled with liquid and sealed. One end of the tube is an evaporation section (heating section), and the other end is a condensation section (cooling section), and an adiabatic section can be arranged in the middle of the two sections according to the application. When one end of the heat pipe is heated, the liquid in the core is vaporized and vaporized, and the steam flows to the other end under a slight pressure difference to release heat to condense into a liquid, and the liquid flows back to the evaporation section along the porous material by the capillary force. This cycle does not allow heat to pass from one end of the heat pipe to the other. In the process of realizing this heat transfer, the heat pipe contains the following six main processes related to each other:

i. heat is transferred from the heat source through the heat pipe wall and the wick that is filled with the working liquid to the (liquid one-to-one steam) interface;

ii. The liquid evaporates at the (liquid-vapor) interface in the evaporation section;

iii. The steam in the steam chamber flows from the evaporation section to the condensation section;

iv. The steam condenses on the vapor-liquid interface in the condensation section:

v. Heat is transferred from the (steam-to-liquid) interface to the cold source through the wick, liquid and pipe wall:

vi. The condensed working liquid is returned to the evaporation section due to capillary action in the wick.

2) How heat pipe collectors work

The sunlight passes through the heat collecting tube and is irradiated on the selective absorption film of the inner tube of the heat collecting tube. The film converts the solar light energy into heat energy, and the heat energy is transmitted to the built-in heat pipe through the aluminum wing, and the working medium in the evaporation section of the heat pipe is quickly taken. Heating and vaporization, the vapor chemical quality rises to the heat pipe condensation section, so that the condensation section is rapidly heated, and the energy is conducted through the condensation casing and collected into the medium (water, ethylene glycol, etc.) passing through the flow pipe; the heat pipe working fluid is released. After vaporizing the latent heat, it is condensed into a liquid, and flows back to the evaporation section of the heat pipe under the action of gravity. After receiving the heat of the heat collecting tube, it is again vaporized again, condensed and refluxed again, and reciprocated. The heat pipe collector collects heat from the system by continuously absorbing solar radiation through the vapor-phase change cycle of the working fluid in the heat pipe.

4. Summary The large-scale central heating of buildings has become a new way to save energy and reduce consumption, and it is also the trend of solar thermal utilization. The structural composition and working principle of the heat pipe solar collector make it have many advantages that other solar collectors do not have, such as phase change one-way heat transfer, fast starting speed, high heat collecting efficiency, large heat gain, small heat loss, and output. High temperature, fast pressure bearing, high structural strength, strong frost resistance, easy installation and maintenance, long service life and so on. These advantages bring a lot of convenience to human life.


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