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Graphical operation principle of Sunpower solar heating system

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A solar hot water system is a device that converts solar energy into heat to heat water. It usually includes solar collectors, storage tanks, pumps, connecting pipes, supports, control systems and auxiliary energy sources that can be used if necessary.

The solar water heating system is mainly composed of a solar heat collecting system and a hot water supply system, and mainly includes solar collectors, hot water storage tanks, circulating pipes, supports, control systems, heat exchangers, pumps, and the like. The solar collector system is a unique component of the solar hot water system and the key to whether solar energy is properly utilized.

The solar heating system is mainly composed of vacuum tube collector, heat storage and heat preservation tank, floor heating system and control system. It can be divided into the following three parts to understand the operation of the whole system:

1. The solar energy illuminates the vacuum tube, and the vacuum tube collector heats the water, and the hot water is stored in the insulated water tank through the circulation system. As shown in the figure below: the collector can heat the water to 50 degrees. At this time, the red arrow shows the heating water circulation. The water temperature can reach the system requirement, so the electric heating is off.


Figure 1

2. The water temperature reaches the system requirements, the heat is exchanged to the floor heating coil through the heat exchanger, and then the floor is evenly distributed to the room, and the floor heating system performs system circulation as indicated by the arrow;


Figure 2

3. When the solar heat collection does not reach the temperature required by the floor heating system, the electric heating is turned on to ensure the water temperature. As shown in the figure, the electric heating is turned into a red state.


Figure 3

National standard for solar water heating system to comply with:

Technical specification for design, installation and engineering acceptance of solar water heater system GB/T18713-2002

Solar water heating system performance evaluation specification GB/T20095-2006

Technical specification for application of solar water heating system for civil buildings GB/T50364-2005

Unlike electric water heaters and gas water heaters that are installed indoors, solar water heaters are installed outdoors. Therefore, it is also necessary to consider the outdoor environment, mainly the following:


Figure 4

(1) Fixed: Windproof fixing must be done well. Generally, the wire rope is used to hold the solar bracket, and it is fixed to a relatively strong and strong place around it, which is economical. Another method is to pre-bury the base according to the chapter and fix the solar energy. On the base, compared to the wire rope, although the cost will be higher, it is safer and safer to use.

(2) Lightning protection: Solar water heaters are installed on the top of the building, which is the highest place in the building. It is best to install lightning protection facilities at a distance of 50 cm from the water heater and connect with the underground leads of the lightning protection system of the building. The role of lightning protection.

(3) Insulation: Under normal circumstances, the shorter the outdoor pipeline, the better, and the insulation and fixing work should be done well, and the insulation material should be wrapped to ensure that the pipeline will not freeze and crack under cold conditions in winter; if the pipeline is fixed, it can prevent bad weather such as strong winds. Next, do not swing.


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