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By installing Solar Water Heater in This Way, Make It Durable 10 Times Longer!

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Once there is the sun in winter, the solar water heater of average household actually can work. And had better make domestic solar energy water heater, it is to be in overcast day or rainy day or insolation intensity is weaker when can offer with hot water likewise. In general, as long as the perfect anti-freeze measures for solar water heaters, winter can be used at ease.


Be sure to do antifreeze during normal use

When the climate transition to the winter, when air temperature is below freezing, the water in the water heater must be pay attention to every day with home a few times, especially at night before going to bed and wake up the next day, need to put a small amount of water, let the water flow in a pipe for a moment, then mainly by water temperature raise the temperature of the pipe, have to worry about the temperature is lower, the more water, avoid frozen wall pipes happen.



According to different weather conditions, you also pay attention to the amount of water supply.

In winter, rain or shine that solar energy water heater needs to see whether will judge the water on water heater how many, in order to make sure when using, can adjust appropriate water temperature. When the temperature is not too low (5-7 ℃), after use in the evening, if have the rest of the hot water, should be filled with water, reduce water temperature in the tank, so, night heat loss will be relatively reduced; If air temperature is particularly low, need to go up next day morning when water, be helpful for the pipeline antifreeze of the outlet place of water heater.


Antifreeze and heat preservation of pipeline is the core work

Use solar energy water heater, especially the antifreeze job that needs to pay attention to a pipeline must have done, basically be the place that the water tank of water heater and go up conduit join, heat preservation measure must have done safeguard job, length of a heat preservation canal is two meters commonly, had better bind tight with adhesive tape place.

Ensure proper use of heating and anti-freezing devices

As we all know, home solar energy has heated antifreeze function. If people use of antifreeze device, even in winter it is generally not frozen, but a lot of people do not know how to prepare for a rainy day, always frozen in the pipeline can not normally use solar energy, just think of starting antifreeze function. Not only does this make solar power go bad faster, but it also increases the waiting time for hot water. If you want to use the solar energy normally, you need to turn on the anti-freezing function immediately when the temperature continues to be below zero, so as to protect the solar energy and prevent the pipes from being frozen.



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