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5 antifreeze methods make Sunpower water heaters safe for winter

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The weather is getting colder and colder, and many people's solar water heaters are no longer used. However, if the antifreeze measures are not done, in the winter, the components of solar water heaters are likely to be frozen. For example, if the pipeline is not well insulated, Pipe bends, over-walls and other parts are particularly easy to freeze, and even cause cracks and leaks to form waterfall ice. Since solar water heaters are generally installed on the roof, water leakage and icing will cause the appearance of the building. Destruction, causing trouble for other households.

Today, I come to teach you how to let the solar water heater through the winter.

1. Do a good job of comprehensive inspection

Before the arrival of winter, users should make a comprehensive inspection of the solar water heaters in the home, focusing on whether the screws at the pipe joints are loose, whether the pipes are out of joint, leaking, cracking, etc.

2. Insulation measures such as electric heating cable

In winter, when the temperature is continuously below 0 °C, it is necessary to turn on the anti-freezing device such as electric heating cable to make it preheat protection. Especially in the cold regions of the north, when the temperature is always below zero, the heating antifreeze device should be turned on all the time. In other areas, if the temperature is low at night, the antifreeze device can be activated at night and closed during the day.

3. Drip antifreeze method

If there is no solar  heater with a tropical belt, if the weather is cold, turn on the hot water nozzle or faucet, place a water basin underneath, loosen the hot water valve a little, and let it drip slowly to keep the water inside the pipeline. Flow to prevent cracking of the pipe.

4. Venting antifreeze method

In case of low temperature or if the solar water heater is not used for a long time, it is necessary to close the water heater valve and vent the water in the water heater and the upper and lower pipes.

In addition to antifreeze, solar water heaters need to be cleaned regularly. Because the magnesium ions dissolved in water, such as calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate, decompose during heating, they release carbon dioxide and become insoluble calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, forming thick scale over time.

1.Before descaling, we must first open the water inlet of the solar water heater, then pour the descaling liquid, the amount of descaling liquid is determined according to the capacity of the solar energy.

2. After pouring the descaling solution, turn on the water heater for automatic circulation for 30 minutes, and the descaling liquid will penetrate into all parts of the water heater evenly.

3. Open the drain of the water heater, drain the descaling liquid, pour it into the water again, and drain the dirty water after the water heater automatically circulates once.

4. Pull out the vacuum tube of the solar water heater, pour the scale in the vacuum tube, pour the descaling liquid into the vacuum tube, and circulate the vacuum tube several times until the scale is completely cleaned.

5. Reinstall the vacuum tube, turn on the water heater and add water again to clean it until the water that flows out becomes clear.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that the Sunpower solar heater is best cleaned every 2-3 years, too often will cause damage to the liner.


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