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Sunpower Wall-Mounted Solar Applications

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Sunpower Wall-Mounted Solar Applications


Relevant agencies of the National Energy Administration issued a letter on the “13th Five-Year Plan for Development of Solar Energy Utilization”. By 2020, solar thermal utilization will be 800 million square meters. Among them, for new and existing buildings, the promotion of solar water heating system and building integration project will be developed in the direction of comprehensive utilization of solar energy throughout the year, and solar energy projects will be encouraged to develop in the direction of combination of hot water, heating and cooling. The newly added solar heat collection area reached 200 million square meters, and the total solar energy collection area of the new industrial and agricultural demonstration project reached 150 million square meters.

If the high-level can't use it, then solar energy will lose more than 50% of the potential market, because more than 50% of China's people live in the middle and upper levels. Therefore, solar energy must "crawl up" and be "climbing up". The installation method of balcony wall-mounted solar energy completely solves the problem that the high-rise small high-rise can not install the solar water heater, completely breaks the limitation that the traditional vacuum tube solar water heater can only be installed on the roof, no matter which floor, as long as the sun is sufficient, you can enjoy energy saving. Environmentally friendly, free and comfortable solar hot water.

Today's balcony wall-mounted solar energy has become more and more integrated with the building, becoming a part of the building. Some wall-mounted solar collector panels, frame structure, safety design, completely bid farewell to all safety hazards, eliminating light pollution, and have strong ability to resist external impact. Even if the glass accidentally breaks completely into the frame, there is no need to have worried about falling from the sky.

Working principle:

1. The wall-mounted solar water heater collects heat through the fins of the flat collector, that is, by replacing the solar radiation with heat, so that the water temperature in the water tank is continuously increased.

2. The wall-mounted solar water heater utilizes the characteristics of small hydrothermal density and high density of cold liquid. Then, through the circulating water pipe route of the wall-mounted solar water heater, a natural circulation of hot and cold cycles is formed between the collector and the water tank so that the water tank is inside. The temperature rises to achieve the purpose of water heating.

Wall-mounted solar working principle diagram

The hot water system is a fin inside the flat plate collector that converts the absorbed solar radiation into heat energy, so that the temperature of the working medium in the heat exchange tube of the collector is continuously increased, and the density of the hot liquid is small, and the density of the cold liquid is large. Through the circulation pipeline, cold water is formed between the collector and the water tank from top to bottom, and the hot water is naturally circulated from the bottom up. Through this cycle, the water in the water tank is gradually heated. Since the working fluid in the flat plate collector is a low temperature resistant liquid, it can be kept at minus 40 degrees without freezing. Therefore, even in the alpine region, it can operate normally throughout the year.


storage water tank

The solar wall on the balcony can be connected to the fireplace through the water tank, so the water tank is very important. I recommend you choose the storage water tank of Sunpower.The water storage tank is separated with the solar collector. The tank can be put in any place of house. And the collector can be put on the inclined roof or flat place. Module design, arbitrary combination, harmony with the building perfectly; Intelligent control and automatic operatio.

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