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Sunpower Split Solar Applications

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Sunpower Split Solar Applications


The diversified development of solar water heaters has become a trend, and the application of high-rise building split solar water heating systems has become an indispensable part of the solar water heater market.

China, which has more people and less land, requires the land to be “insecure”, and high-rise buildings become an inevitable trend. The concept of solar energy and building integration is becoming more and more popular. With the development of the domestic solar water heater industry, consumers' demands for hot water are getting higher and higher, and more and more attention is paid to the aesthetics of the building. The original boring and compact type can no longer meet people's needs. Incorporating the use of solar energy into the overall design of the environment, integrating architecture, technology and aesthetics, solar energy facilities become part of the building, organically combined with each other, replacing the influence of the traditional solar energy structure on the appearance of the building, becoming solar energy Development trends such as trends. In this regard, split solar energy came into being.

Split solar energy, also known as split solar water heating system, is the solar radiation energy that is forced by the pump to connect the heat of the collector through the pipeline between the collector and the water tank on a sunny day, and gradually collect it into the water tank. A solar water heating system. This can be done by connecting the tank to the fireplace or by connecting the tank to the collector.

Working principle:

1. Through the anodized nickel-plated heat collecting sheet in the collector, the solar light energy is absorbed to convert it into heat energy. The medium is naturally circulated by the thermosyphon in the heat collecting plate, and the heat of the solar radiation on the heat collecting plate is timely transmitted to the water tank, and the heat is transferred to the cold water through the heat exchange (jacket or coil) in the water tank. The medium can also transfer heat through the pump cycle.

2. The heat energy is transferred to the working medium in the heat pipe by means of heat transfer, so that the temperature of the medium is raised, and then the heat is transferred to the heat exchanger in the water storage tank by the principle of thermal gradient temperature.

3. Passing by heat conduction, the working medium in the heat exchanger is transferred to the cold water in the inner tank of the water storage tank by heat conduction, so that the water temperature is gradually increased

4.  During endothermic solar radiation passes through the outer tube of the vacuum tube and is absorbed by the collector coating and transferred to the water inside the tube along the inner tube wall. After the water in the tube absorbs heat, the temperature rises, the specific gravity decreases and rises, forming an upward power, forming a thermosyphon system. As the hot water continues to move up and is stored in the upper part of the water storage tank, while the lower temperature water is continuously replenished along the other side of the tube, the whole tank water is raised to a certain temperature.


Storage water tank

The choice of water tank is very important. You can choose Sunpower's storage water tank. The outer shell is painted with color, which has strong anti-UV ability. The inner soldering joint of the water tank is treated with special anti-corrosion technology, which can effectively prevent chlorine.

Ion corrosion solves the common problem of pitting corrosion caused by partial enamel powder falling off due to thermal expansion and contraction of enamel inner tank, and the water tank is equipped with a temperature display, so that you can monitor the water temperature of the water tank at any time.

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