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Sunpower solar water heating system 

Warranty terms and conditions


Compoent Warranty period
Manifold and mounting frames 10 years
Evacuated tubes and heat pipes 5 years
Tank (does not include element and thermostat) and frames for SP,SPP,SPHE 7 years
Separated pressure tank 7 years
Tank thermostat and heating element 1 year
controller 1 year

1.  This Warranty is effective for sunpower solar water heater systems manufactured and installed after 1 January 2013.
2. If the customer has not paid in full for the sunpower solar water heating system then this warranty does not apply.
3.  Warranty against defective factory parts from the date of BL.
4.  This Warranty does not apply to any defects or damage NOT due to faulty factory parts or
workmanship including, but not limited to, defects or damage caused by or resulting from:
(a) accidental damage, storm damage, vandalism, failure due to misuse or abuse, or neglect of any kind;
(b) incorrect or improper installation of the Sunpower Solar Water Heating System, including but not limited to, installation otherwise than in accordance with the instructions contained in the owner’s manual supplied by Sunpower or incorrect system selection;
(c) attachment of any parts or accessories other than those manufactured or approved by Sunpower;
(d) power surges;
(e) animals, birds and/or rodents;
(f) the solar collector being left dry (no liquid circulation) and exposed to daily sunlight (i.e. not covered) for a period exceeding 14 consecutive days;
(g) excessive water pressure, negative pressure (partial vacuum), excessive temperature, corrosive atmosphere, faulty plumbing and/or electrical wiring;
(h) sludge/sediment as a result of connection to a water supply from filtered or treated sources ie. spring, dam, bore, river or town supply from a bore;
(i) contamination and corrosion from particles in the water supply;
(j) serial tags/stickers on any of the components being removed or defaced;
(k) the water stored in the cylinder exceeding at any time the following
levels: Total hardness 200 mg/litre or p.p.m
Total dissolved solids 600 mg/litre or p.p.m
Electrical conductivity 850 μS/cm
Chloride 250 mg/litre or p.p.m
Magnesium 10 mg/litre or p.p.m
Sodium 150 mg/litre or p.p.m
pH Min 6.5 to Max 8.5.
5.According to the national standard warranty is 3 years, if you want to put the conditions of 5 - 10 years extended warranty, you need to add 5% fee.

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