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 Solar water heaters use common sense and troubleshooting

1、 What precautions when use solar water heater?

Keep hands dry when operate the electrical parts.

Keep power of back up heat system and anti-freezing belt off before bathing, the electrical part is prohibited frequently turn on and turn off.

Request for repair once if found hot water in cold water pipes to avoid hot water backflow to the cold water pipe to scald pipes

When indoor temperature is below 0 ℃, the pipeline should be vented and maintain water drain valve always open to prevent frozen pipes and indoor copper fittings.

Do not use solar water heater or system in thunderstorms, windy weather, and cut off the power of the control system.

For your health, water from solar water heater you’d better not to drink, because the water in the collector can not completely release, easy to breed bacteria, it is harmful to health.

Vents must not be blocked, is strictly prohibited without permission to install or modify any device, in order to avoid poor exhaust damaged tank.

Please contact the authorized service stations once solar water heater occur problems, do not make personal phone unauthorized alteration or repair.

Sprinklers release directly above the 60 -degree water is strictly prohibited.
There need someone to accompany when the children and old men bath to prevent burns.

2、Does it have water scale for solar water tanks?

There will be water scale after the water heating and temperature rise, because the water quality is not the same in different regions, which contains calcium and magnesium ions are different, so different level of water scale. As for solar water heaters, it 's mainly inside the vacuum tube, basically water scale deposition inside a vacuum tube, there's no impact on the water tank , and because relatively slow heating in tubes, deposition of water scale in tube is relatively loose, not like the formed hard water scale when we use electric kettle  to heat water at home. Depending on the different water quality, generally in about 5 years to install solar water heater vacuum tube needs to be cleaned with a weak acid , washed with water after cleaning 3-5 times to ensure clean.


3、Is solar water heater’s water undrinkable?

Inner tank of solar water heater is food grade SUS304 stainless steel and the seals are silicon gel, non-toxic and tasteless, there is not any impact on the water quality, but the water from vacuum tube can not be completely released every day, it will breed bacteria over time, so it is recommended that the water in the solar water heater you had better not to drink.


4、Why water is not hot?

There might be some reasons as followed

① Obstructions in front of the water heater

② Installed in the wrong direction, it should be toward the south or east, the west 10 degrees

③Check water pipe if there is any block or not

④ Check evacuated tubes if there are any broken or not

⑤Water tank capacity is too small to meet the request of water supply volume


5、How to deal with if no use of solar energy for long-term?

To keep solar water heater be full of water, cover the tubes, cut off all the power and turn off the valves.

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