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Sunpower invested to upgrade production lines——Achieve to no welding for inner tank cap

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Famous solar water heater brand Sunpower which is located in Changzhou airport industrial park invested to upgrade production lines recently to achieve no welding for inner tank cap.Faced with the adverse situation in manufacturing industry in China in 2015, sunpower upgrade domestic industry:Expansion of research and development investment,spent a lot in automation of production lines,try best to produce more world’s leading solar products both in functionality and quality .



Welding technology of inner tank cap

Yes,workers need have welding skills

No,workers do not need have welding skills

Production efficiency






Using life

20-25year (Straight seam welding for tank body+ Electric resistance welding for cap)

More than 50 years(Straight seam welding for tank body, no welding for cap)
Because less of the electric resistance welding of tank on the original tank,the using life will be longer.


No welding structure use the well-known brands glue 704,this glue has long life and reliable sealing.

No welding structure pictures:

Enterprises  also improve the foam plugs on the convection tube system at the same time,make the tube hole more smooth,products more beautiful:

Before improving

After improving

Overflow seriously when foamingWaste foaming material,and  need  manually clean up after the procedure,tube hole is not smooth. Seriously affect the appearance.

 Modified silicon ring in the original foaming plug,no overflow foaming material,do not need clean up after procedure,tube hole is smooth,beautiful appearance.


Sunpower focus on product innovation and is committed to social responsibility, expanding R & D investment, with national laboratories, strictly control product quality, excellence, and strive to provide consumers with the best products and services. While actively participate in charitable activities, have the courage to shoulder social responsibility, is a company with entrepreneurial spirit.

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