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Integrated lower pressure series

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Non-Pressurized Solar Energy System (SPC)

This solar water heater is commonly domestic used.

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This solar water heater has passed SRCC, CE, ISO9001: 2000, CCC, solar Keymark, SABS and other certification.

The features of solar water heater:
1) Outer tank material: SUS304 2B stainless steel plate or Colour steel.
2) Inner tank material: SUS304 BA food grade stainless steel plate
3) Supporting frame: Stainless steel plate
4) Isolation layer: 50-65mm imported polyurethane foam for superior heat preservation
5) Specification of vacuum tube
Absorption rate: ≥ 93%, thermal radiation rate: ≤ 6%
Temperature when ecposed to sun without water: 250 degree, 2.5 hours to boiling if using tube.
Resist 25mm hall, life scale can last 20 years.
6) Type: 15, 18, 20, 24, 30 tubes
7) Easy installation and be installed on the roof or at ground level.

This solar water heater is commonly domestic used.



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